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(solution) Just check for any grammar and spelling mistakes Milestone One:

Just check for any grammar and spelling mistakes

Milestone One: Setting Your Vision

This class has proven to be a very exciting class! I really enjoy doing the self-assessment and checkpoint questions for each chapter. They really teach me many things I never knew before. I have learned things about myself I never knew before through the self-assessments I have done. The purpose of this paper is to develop a personal development plan to help me grow for the future.

Jungian Personality Typology

Carl Jung developed a personality typology using specific metrics to measure individual forms of personality (Bauer & Erdogan, 2016).After taking the Jung Typology Test I discovered that I have an ISFJ, which does not surprise me at all. Introvert is 89%, sensing is 12%, feeling is 25%, judging is 39%. I have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (89%). I have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%). I have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (25%). I have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (39%). After reading the ISFJ description by Marina Margaret Heiss I was surprised by how well the test matched my personality. I shared the results with my family members. Overall, I did not learn that much about myself because I already knew most of what the test told me about my personality. The main thing I did learn about myself is that there are other people who share my personality. This was an important revelation for me because I always thought that I was just shy; I did not think that it was a real element of my personality. I also learned that my introverted personality coupled with my high work ethic and perseverance may cause me to become underappreciated in a work environment. Learning this makes me feel that I should try to be less introverted so people in my workplace do not take advantage of me. To this end, I plan to work on being able to delegate to other people instead of undertaking everything myself. I plan to incorporate the results of this assessment into the rest of the course and the remainder of my education.


37%-58% was what I scored on the self-assessment. The ?How Productive Are You?? self-assessment has taught me that while I am on the right with my productivity efforts I still have room for improvement. This assessment has assessed me in organization, attitude, delegation, information integration, and effective use of systems. I was surprised by how well the assessment assessed me. I shared the results with my family members. I learned that my best areas were attitude and information integration; while my worst areas were organization, delegation, and productive systems. After learning about what elements of productivity I am the worst I now can create a plan on how to improve. For instance I can make an effort to keep my work areas in a set order, I can become more aware of the need to delegate, and I can work on being more of a team player. This assessment has taught me that I need to take more time to evaluate myself because I thought that I was maximizing my productivity potential when I still have room for a decent amount of improvement. I plan to incorporate the results of this assessment into the rest of the course and the remainder of my education. I plan to do this by studying the How Productive are you Quiz and my score of 37-58% for the rest of OL 125 and use my results to help me the next time I have a self-assessment in chapters 3 and 4.

Locus of Control

I learned a lot about myself from this self-assessment. The assessment taught me that I have a moderate internal locus of self-control meaning that I have an average or moderate view that my actions influence events. Prior to taking this self-assessment I had not considered my own thoughts towards whether or not my actions or fate/luck influenced events around me. After seeing my results I now know that I believe that my own actions influence event most of the time, but that fate/luck can also play a role in how events unfold. I feel that my moderate locus of control is beneficial to me because I have the benefits of having an internal locus of self-control without suffering the drawbacks which can come from having a strong locus of self-control.

This self-assessment did not teach me that much about myself. I scored a 33 on the assessment which means that I may be at risk for burnout. Prior to this assessment I already knew that I was at risk for burnout because I have begun to experience a more negative view towards work lately.


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