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(solution) Need help getting this answered, minimum 1400 words.

Need help getting this  answered, minimum 1400 words. 

Assignment #4


Software Architecture Analysis and Design


You have been tasked to develop the architecture for a mine pump


control system, designed to monitor and pump flood water out of mine


shafts. As underground mining operations take place far below the


water table, flooding into mine galleries and shafts is an ever-present


danger. Excessive flooding is clearly a safety hazard for workers, but


also has profitability implications ranging from equipment damage to


productivity delays, to mine closures in extreme circumstances.


The system to be developed will be required to monitor the water level


in a given mine shaft using two sensors. A high water sensor that


measures the maximum acceptable level of flooding in a shaft before


pumping begins, and a low water sensor, which measures the


minimum level of acceptable flooding and pumping stops. These


sensors are used to start a mine pump. When the flooding level


exceeds the level determined by the high water sensor the pump is


switches on. When the water has been pumped out and the minimum


level of acceptable flooding has been reached, as measured by the low


water sensor, the pump switches of.


In addition to flooding mining is often hindered by methane pockets,


where gas seeps into the shafts and galleries triggering an evacuation.


Again this is a safety hazard, the mining staff won?t be able to breathe,


and even more critically, operating equipment may generate sparks


which will cause the methane to ignite. Therefore the system will


include a methane sensor that will be used to trigger an evacuation


alarm in the presence of dangerous levels of methane (measured in N


parts per million), and also switch of the pump regardless of the


current water level.


The system is used by two key roles. The first is the Operator. This


role is required to log in to the system with a username and password.


Following a successful login the operator is able to start or stop the


pump if, and only if, the water level is between the high and low sensor


limits. The second role is the Supervisor. A supervisor must verify


their security credential as per the operator above. Following a


successful login they are able to switch the pump on, or off at any


time. For example a supervisor could run the pump after the flood


level has dropped below the level set by the low water sensor. They


could also switch the pump off if the water level goes over the


maximum high level of flooding. In these cases the supervisors? actions override the automatic behavior of the pump. A supervisor is


required to ?reset? the pump system in order to re-establish automatic




Finally to meet Federal monitoring standards a persistent log is


required to capture the following events: Pump switched on by high water sensor


Pump switched off by low water sensor


Pump switched on or off by operator or supervisor


Evacuation alarm triggered by methane sensor


The reading of the methane sensor every 30 minutes The reading of the methane sensor (for the last 24 hours) can be read


by the operator. All readings (up to 30 days) can be read by the


supervisor. The supervisor also has the capability to add a ?note? to


any specific log event that occurs within 24 hours.


Your task is to document the software Architecture of this system.


You may use ANY development technique that you would like. Provide


your complete design of this system as described above.


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