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Osborne 1


James Osborne


Dr. Forrest Helvie


Academic Writing II ENG-122


October 7, 2016 Research Paper First Draft


"Whatever effects one directly effects all indirectly" Understanding the mind of an author and what would inspire him or her to pin words bringing what


some might not see, others refuse to believe, and many lived the truth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one such


writer born on Memphis, Tennessee and as a young man feel civil division. Known as a passionate,


compassionate individual who believed beyond any fears he may have experienced living in a culture that


viewed the color of a person based upon the skin rather than the content of their character, a line I paraphrase


from his letter from the Birmingham jail in 1963. Believed change was necessary and possible! Born in 1926 in Atlanta Georgia little did know he would play an historic role in the changing of a


nations character. Known for what some have considered an address to a nation filled with confusion, fear and


uncertainty. Like a great general preparing his forces for a conflict that would change not only their lives but the


lives of generations to come, this is the author who brought to the forefront a chapter of a nation divided yet


expressed with unwavering belief, we can be better! His, "Letter from the Birmingham Jail" on April, 16, 1963 gives great insight to a time when a racial


disdain for one people group was evident not just in a one city and one state but an entire nation. In this letter he


addresses not the racist who had control, humiliated and took great pride in taking human lives but he addressed


the individuals, he believed would be the wall to lean on when facing such adversity far beyond a simple


debate. These individuals opposing his reasoning for being in their city compelled him to address this with a


firm yet honorable approach, better known as his fellow black clergymen not to mention his white counter parts. Osborne 2 They questioned many of his actions regarding his visit to their city. Dr. King was an outsider and


therefore, not fully understanding what they were dealing with day after day. Why a public display, such as a


March? Why would he not set down and reason with them and the city leaders? They believed patience was the


key to their success, not the rush to action which would provoke the community. As Christians they could not


break the laws of the land, citing a portion of the Bible. They believed Dr. Kings actions were acts of an


extreme nature. His position of the church was to be non-political! Dr. King makes this statement, "arch


supporters of the status que"! That proved to be a clear message in his letter. The social and political climate of Alabama Dr. King would face was a picture of belief historically, as a


state proving its independence by holding to a segregated ideology of surprising a race of people. Dominating


any possibility of prosperity, and certainly the idea of pursuing happiness would be a failed attempt. The Civil


War birthed the Emancipation Proclamation and on January 1, 1863, our sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln


etched in American History what would bring an end to the inhuman practice of slavery. With this in mind,


Alabama as well as many other southern states created their own set of laws suppressing black families from


pursuing what our constitution echoed, "All men are created equal!" At the turn of the century, 1901-The State


of Alabama adopted the, "Jim Crow Laws." The extreme of racial divide is seen in one of the laws calling,


interracial marriage illegal. This is just a hint of social pressure Dr. King and the many you stood by him were


facing. The Climate of the Birmingham churches position which Dr. King believed to be nothing less than


support is what provoked his deep expression of rebuke, and as an author you hear from the intentional and


direct reaction to a community he believed needed to stand together. His letter from the Birmingham Jail


brought not just a community embedded in segregation but a church system losing the power of its voice that he


reminds them of, they lost their sound, their power of influence. The church within the church, is a statement


Dr. King spoke of in his letter suggesting the present generation of young men and women would not blindly


stand by and let a religious institution be nothing more than that, a social gathering. He did though refuse to


believe the church as he knew it would die, but from the ashes of complacency a new generation would bring


light to what the former has lost, its fire for change. Osborne 3 When thinking of the passion that Dr. King asserting his belief of a non-violent approach to bring down


a very violent ideology. Witnessing two people groups, one being persecuted to the point of death and the other,


the church dying by its own hands. A culture composed of generational hatred, fear provoking even believing in


the genocide of a people. The very individuals he believed would forge a wall of strength for his action of


compassion not just for one people group but for all, proved be to what this author intended. Not just the


generation he lived in but generations to come. Some may well consider this letter in Birmingham to have a


prophet edge, in that he was speaking to the future asking that we never relive the past. Cite Work: ? exhibits ? em... ? article


Ferris State University ? jimcrow ? what


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