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(solution) I need half more page. the detail is in the files, Thank you.

I need half more page. the detail is in the files, Thank you.

Fast Foods: PESTEL Analysis




Small, fast food joints and major franchises have to follow the regulations set by relevant


agencies to ensure the safety of foods. Concerns of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity have led


to an emphasis on laws that regulate fast foods. Various regulations exist to answer issues on


food handling, preparation, food storage, and nutrition. Fast food establishments are expected to


display the nutritional information of the fast foods boldly and in places where it can be seen


easily (Fukagawa, 2009).


The law further suggests what the nutritional information should contain, such as calorie


levels and sodium levels. Agencies such as the food and drug administration require that workers


should enroll in food handling courses. The preparation aspect make sure that restaurants must


ensure that surfaces are well rinsed and frequently to avoid contamination. Fast food joints are


necessitated to focus on issues such as humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure to avoid


food spoilage. The laws also specify how certain foods should be preserved (Fukagawa, 2009).


Fast food management is required by law to enact internal policies that secure safety and


health of employees. For example, the occupational safety and health act oversee the safety of


employees by reducing incidences of working place injuries or death. Employees are required to


be trained on the use of the various fast food machines and issued with protective wears where


necessary (Robertson, 2015). There exist hazard communication standards that ask for


employees to be informed of risks inherent to the jobs. The law is relevant to fast food industry


where employees are exposed to chemicals such as detergents, disinfectants, and soap during


cleaning. Workers are expected to maintain a level of hygiene to protect against food


contamination and illness. Hazcom stipulates that workers be trained in personal hygiene, health,


and food-borne diseases (Robertson, 2015).




Fast foods are subject to environmental laws as regards to air, water and soil pollution.


The process of delivering, food preparation and packaging contribute a lot to polluting the


environment. Fast foods frequently package their foods as take away by using wrappers, straws,


and bags. The materials used for packaging such as the Styrofoam take long to degrade while


others are non-biodegradable. The environmental protection act requires that packaging should


be made using environment-friendly materials (Kavanagh, 1994). Failure to control the


packaging issue may increase the amount of litters in the urban streets.


Fast food establishments also contribute a lot of greenhouse gas which result in excess


CO2 emissions. Restaurants will have to check on their mode of delivery foods as transportation


using vehicles emit gasses that contribute to the climate change. Fast foods are produced using


various chemicals of which wastes may affect the soil and waters if not properly disposed of.


Establishments are required to treat wastes as they contain hormones, drugs, pathogens and


fertilizers in order to minimize the incidence of waterborne diseases and fish kills in case they


spill to water bodies. The environmental protection act requires that waste to be recycled where it


is possible to reduce the amount of wastes disposed of (Kavanagh, 1994). References


Fukagawa, N. (2009). The FDA's Final Regulations on Health Claims for Foods. Nutrition


Reviews, 51(3), 90-93.


Robertson, H. (2015). The Health and Safety at Work Act turned 40. Occupational Medicine,


65(3), 176-179.


Kavanagh, J. (1994). Environmental protection and waste minimization: a case study. Journal of


Cleaner Production, 2(2), 91-94.


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