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You Decide Assignment




As outlined in the lecture this week, an incubator is a large firm that nurtures many companies


and invests in business ideas. Incubators provide support in many ways and you would like to


submit your idea to Rollins Incubator, Inc. in order to benefit from their management and


financial support.


Your Role


You are an entrepreneur that wants to be funded by Rollins Incubator, Inc. You have an


outstanding idea that needs funding and you feel that bringing your idea to an incubator would


increase your chances of success. You have contacted the Janet Rodgers, Vice President of


Business Development of Rollins Incubator, Inc., and she told you that you will have 5 minutes


with the Michael Rollins, the CEO of Rollins Incubator, Inc.


Key Players Janet Rodgers


VP Business Development Rollins Incubator, Inc.


I have secured a 5 minute block for you to pitch your idea to Mr. Rollins, the CEO. I


have seen many of these presentations, so here are some tips to help you out. Keep


your presentation short and sweet. You only have a few minutes to impress him, so get


to your idea quickly. Here is the format I see that works best. State your company name


and motto, with a tagline and a date. Then tell us your objective. In other words, how


much money do you need and why you are here? And, what is your business


proposition and your target market? Have you considered your competition? And what


are the risks? Lastly, be sure to include financial statements with basic revenues and


costs, and don?t forget to include how much money you are asking for! You have a lot of


work to do, and good luck!


Michael Rollins


CEO Rollins Incubator, Inc.


I heard that Janet gave you some helpful tips for your upcoming presentation. I just


want to make sure that you understand to keep your presentation short and succinct. I


only have a few minutes and I see many presentations. Be sure that your idea is


compelling and clearly stated, and that your slides are easy to read. I?m sure Janet


explained my 12 slide rule. I look forward to your presentation! Activity or Assignment




Develop a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation to pitch your idea to Mr. Rollins. Your


slideshow must be succinct, compelling, and should include the following elements.


1. Slide 1: State your company name and motto, with a tagline and a date. 2. Slide 2: Review business proposition, what will your business create? 3. Slide 4: Share your objective, how much money do you need, and why you are


here? 4. Slide 3: Review technology platforms you intend to use. 5. Slide 5: Provide current market review; detail the market; how big is the market? 6. Slide 6: Provide forecast for current market. 7. Slide 7: Market competition, who do you sell the product to and how big is that


market? 8. Slide 8: Review business model drivers, what makes you unique from the


competition? 9.


10. Slide 9: Review potential risks.


Slide 10: Review the management team with whom you will partner, including


yourself. 11. Slide 11: Financials; basic revenues and costs, and profits in a 3 to 5 year term. 12. Slide 12: Amount of money needed to fund your idea, with a basic breakdown of


where the money will go.


Be sure to use the Notes section of the PowerPoint to highlight your presentation


information. Keep these notes succinct as well. Introduction


Grading Rubric: Grading Rubric


Category Points Description Criteria/Creativity 50 Demonstrate a strong substantiation of your idea.


Demonstrate understanding of how the course


concepts apply to the idea. Be sure to include the basic


concepts and criteria required by the CEO. Your idea


must be compelling and creative. Understanding 25 Develop high-level concepts and outline for your idea.


Be sure to include all the elements required when


presenting a business plan. The elements and slides


that are required have been presented to you in the You


Decide audio section, be sure to listen carefully, so you


will be able to create your slides effectively. Ensure that


you utilize the Notes section to outline any specifics you Category Points Description


would talk about in your presentation. Execution 25 Make sure your slideshow is clear and succinct using


strong organization and proper grammar. Use citations


correctly. There will be an automatic 10-point deduction


for any presentation over 12 slides. Total 50 A quality slideshow will meet or exceed all of the above




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