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(solution) Hi Vanebo, With respect to the last weeks marketing plan

Hi Vanebo,

With respect to the last weeks marketing plan assignment.  the 3.1 mission statement this seems overly restrictive since the organization also has certain profit expectations. Section 3.2, the marketing objectives must include specific measurable quantified objectives as narrative statements are insufficient. Section 3.3, respecting the financial objectives, wherever percentages are included you must reference a base value against which the reader would be able to interpret the impact of the percentage in real terms. Under 3.4, target markets there is no relevance to the reference to ?cancerous population? and this needs to be removed or revised for the Week 7 final plan. Section 3.5 on positioning was satisfactory although all sections after the product positioning section were not evaluated, as they were not included as a part of the assignment. Please note that the week five announcements which I have posted includes a clear template which provides very explicit details on the form and content that will be required in compiling the complete marketing plan assignment in the class. Please carefully study this document in advance so that you are able to shape your final plan to meet the requirements of this final and critical assignment.

Can you make the necessary adjustments and continue with the final part ?

The final part :

This week, you will submit the final version of your strategic marketing plan report. There is a 4,000-word minimum and a 5,000-word maximum limit for the main body of this submission (Sections 2.0-5.3). This submission should include a new executive summary at 500 words maximum, your Week 3 and Week 5 submissions all revised based on instructor feedback and the remaining Strategy, Financial and Controls sections (3.6-5.3) along with a full references section.

  • Cover Sheet; including name, class, title and core word count.
  • Table of Contents; with page numbers.
  • Section 1.0 Executive Summary; 500 words maximum.
  • Section 2.0 Situation Analysis; including 2.1 Market Summary, 2.2 SWOT Analysis, 2.3 Competition, 2.4 Product Offering, 2.5 Keys to Success and 2.6 Critical Issues.
  • Section 3.0 Marketing Strategy; including 3.1 Mission, 3.2 Marketing Objectives,3.3 Financial Objectives,3.4 Target Markets,3.5 Positioning,3.6 Strategies,3.7 Marketing Mix (4 Ps for product offering or 7Ps for services offering, as appropriate) and 3.8 Marketing Research.
  • Section 4.0 Financials; including 4.1 Break-Even Analysis and 4.2 Sales Forecast (projected over 2 years) and Expenses Forecast (also over 2 years).
  • Section 5.0 Controls; including 5.1 Implementation (scheduled over 2 years), 5.2 Market Organisation and 5.3 Contingency Planning (include specific observations on difficulties and risks and worst-case scenario risks).
  • References: A list of quality academic and professional articles and papers, links to websites and other sources (e.g. documented interviews) which you have consulted in developing your Module Project assignment. All references must be compiled in accordance with the Harvard Referencing guidelines.


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