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(solution) Assessment 2: Authentic tasks - Organisational Analysis Report

Manual is attached. already done many things but i want to check its well-made or not. Correcting and editing this report and writing recommendation. Making presentation power point slides about this report and the script as well.

Assessment 2: Authentic tasks - Organisational Analysis Report and Group


Presentation Group members:


Students names and




Name and Number


Name and Number


Name and Number


Name and Number


Marking Criteria See 'Additional Assessment Information'. Length Minimum 1500, maximum 2000 words excluding the cover page and


reference list. Weighting 30% Assessment Due All groups (Full time and Part time) are to submit the completed group


report on October 17, 2016 to Turnitin via link found in your Moodle


site. Your presentations will take place during your assigned tutorial


and your tutor will allocate teams and presentation order during your


first tutorial. Presentations take place during the 4th and 5th and 6th


tutorial. Final submission time: 3:00am


Type of Collaboration Group work Style and format See 'Additional Assessment Information'. Assessment submission Online via Moodle Assessment return Report and presentation marks will be available one week after all


presentations are finished. This assessment has two parts: Presentation (worth 10%) and Report (worth 20%).


Report: Each group needs to select an organisation they are familiar with, and write a report on this


organisation (if the team is facing difficulties obtaining information, an alternate organisation can be


chosen only after receiving a written approval from the subject coordinator). Each frame has a number


of questions: these should be answered, discussed, explained and substantiated through appropriate


theory reference and analysis clearly demonstrated in the report with appropriate Harvard Style


citations. In addition to addressing the questions, students are expected to add an introduction,


recommendations and conclusion. (See the marking criteria for all details). Ask your tutor questions


about your group assignment. This should focus mainly on topics covered in the lecture. You should


not ask your tutor to do a ?pre-review? of your assignment to see if it is ?going well? or is


on the right track. However you may discuss your report in general terms.


The report must address all 4 frames of the chosen organisation to ensure the report answers the


following items for each frame:


Structural Frame: 1. Discuss its current structure. 2. If structural change is required, what type of


structure should be introduced? If structural change is not needed, what is it about the current


structure that fits the organisation?s circumstances? 3. Analyse the complexity of the structure. 4. How


are activities coordinated? Identify the coordination mechanisms in use. You must use appropriate


theories to substantiate these answers.


Human Resource Frame: 1.How do people feel about their work? What seems to motivate them


(intrinsic factors e.g. achievement, recognition for work well done and responsibility; and or extrinsic


factors e.g. working conditions and company policies)? 2. Explain any strategies in your chosen


organisation to empower and /or promote diversity. 3. What could be the relationship between


managers and non managerial employees (e.g. cooperative, neutral, cold, hostile)? 4. What 1 opportunities to participate are provided for employees? What efforts, if any, are made to get


employees to cooperate with one another? Use appropriate theories to substantiate your


answers. Example: Mary Parker Follett (1918), Elton Mayo (1933, 1945) maintained that workers


have rights beyond a paycheck; that people?s skills, attitudes, energy, and commitment are vital


resources and powerful competitive advantage that can make or break a company. A good fit benefits


both as individuals find meaningful and satisfying work, and organisations get the talent and energy


they need to succeed. As an example of application of theory: Nucor, the world?s largest recycler,


turns scrap metal into steel, with highly charged and engaged employees empowered with a mindset


of owner-operator motivation that soars to 387% return to shareholders over the past five years


soundly bests almost all other companies in the S & P 500-stock index (Byrnes and Arndt, 2006,


p.58). On the other hand, Apple?s lean and mean management concept, exploited the Chinese


employees in China in 2012 with long hours, low pay, and intense pressure to ramp-up production


triggered strikes and a worker riot that shut one plant down for a day. Apple?s products were


cutting-edge, but its people management evoked centuries-old images of sacrificing people for profits


and reinforced popular stereotypes of bosses as hearless and insensitive (Amar, 2004).


Political Frame: What are the recognised power relationships in your chosen organisation? Identify the various


bases of formal and informal power in your the selected organisation. 2. What are the differences between


authority and power? State any differences between authority and power in your chosen organisation.3.


Determine channels of possible informal communication. 4. What are the various ecosystems (systems of


external environmental agents within which an organization functions and with which it interacts; in other words,


what are the external players which influence the functions of the organization) associated with the organisation?


5. Identify the sources (or potential sources) of conflict in your chosen organisation. Explain whether conflict


works against or in favour of your chosen organisation. Use appropriate theories to substantiate your


answers. Symbolic Frame: 1. Analyse the organisation through the symbolic lens (e.g. organisational process


as theatre). 2. What are the organisation's most potent symbols? What do they seem to represent? 3.


Where does impression management occur within the organisation? Is there any evidence of


impression management by the organisation itself, in relation to its external stakeholders?


4. Add a brief recommendation for each frame based your analysis and findings. Please ensure you


are link your recommendation to your analysis. Use appropriate theories to substantiate your




Presentation: Groups are expected to communicate the content of their report in an oral


presentation. The presentation should clearly introduce the organisation of your choice and how your


group has analysed each of the 4 frames. In the presentation, your team is also expected to engage


the audience with interactive activities. The duration of the presentation will be around 20-30 mins,


plus 15 mins for Q&A (You are free to integrate Q&A into the presentation). Students should provide a


session plan to the tutor before the presentation; also give your tutor a copy of any other presentation


aids. The presentation and the report will be marked as a group mark.


This is a group exercise to which all students are expected to contribute in a collaborative manner to


assist the structure and flow of the presentation. Each team member must present content, not just


introduction and conclusion. Groups should keep a record of the minutes of team meetings. In the


event of a conflict, detailed minutes and any other correspondence including emails will be taken into


consideration for conflict resolution and fair distribution of team marks. If conflict arises, the group


must consult with tutor to seek advice on solution. In the event no solution is found, the group must


communicate issues to the lecturer prior to submission and presentation. Appeals of marks will not be


considered if the above steps have not been appropriately followed.


A signed statement by all team members of the group is to be appended with the submission of the


group report asserting equal individual contribution.


In addition:






Individuals must provide a folder with evidence asserting the individual's contribution to the


completion of the group project. Each piece of evidence of contribution should be dated, and placed in


the folder in chronological order. At a minimum your folder must contain:


· A typed two page reflective summary. This should reflect on the learning process that you


have undergone in doing this assignment. Points addressed should include what you felt you


did well, and what you would do differently next time. 2 Minutes you took of all group meetings that you attended.


10 specimens of development work that demonstrate the process you have gone through in


making a contribution to your group?s partnership agreement and report. These specimens


should not include printed material from web sites or photocopied reference material. Rather


they should be working papers of your individual work in progress and analysis. Development


work must be in English and may be hand written.


· A diary summary of time contributed to the project.


**Failure to submit evidence of individual contribution may result in a lower individual mark


from group mark.**




· 3


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