(solution) A project plan cannot be considered complete until the resources

(solution) A project plan cannot be considered complete until the resources

A project plan cannot be considered complete until the resources have been assigned (including budget and cost estimate). This week, you will assign the resources required to work on your project to your scheduled tasks. In addition, you will add the cost of the resources per hour and any direct or indirect cost required for project contracts, materials, or supplies.

You will submit a two-part summary report (business professional format) of your project budget and resources, which includes the following:

Part 1: Project Budget (Cost Management)

  1. Explain your approach to estimating the project cost (e.g., top down, bottom up, etc.) and why that method was chosen.
  2. Create a table that shows the original budgeted cost (from the charter) and the actual budgeted cost (side by side). Include line items for labor, materials, contract, equipment, travel cost, and so on.
  3. Compare the budget from the charter to the final budget and explain any variances that occurred from your original budgeted cost in the project charter and the current project cost (include your original estimated cost for the project).
  4. Explain your budget contingency plan and how much is budgeted for contingency.

Part 2: Resource Management

  1. Explain the results of your resource assignments. Did you assign enough people to the project? Were there any resources over-allocated? What approach will you take to fix any allocation problems?
  2. Develop a plan to manage your project team and define how you will motivate your team and how you will handle team conflicts.
  3. What structure would you select for your project: functional, weak matrix, balanced matrix, strong matrix, or pure project? Why? 

Deliverables for Week 6:

  1. MS project file (.mpp) updated with resource assignments and cost
  2. MS Word file with report of project budget and resource management
  3. Statement of Participation and status update

DR Sounds Music and Body Shop INC. DR Sounds Music and Body Shop INC. Adonny Reyes DeVry University
James Schoeck DR Sounds Music and Body Shop INC. 2 DR Sounds Music and Body Shop INC.
The following is a project charter for a car sound and body shop as reviewed. Starting an
automobile repair shop that does music as well with the focus on to create and embody the vision
of our cliental. DR Sounds Music and Body Shop INC. is taking advantage on the raised demand
of coffee in the area. Its main duties are to ensure they satisfy the customers, create employment
and to get a gross profit of 70%. An automobile repair shop in most areas are known as garages,
these garages are complete with includes a group of professionals gathered together to provide a
topnotch service and our team will be made up of electricians and auto mechanics.
The opening of an automobile repair shop will create a center where there are necessary
equipment to provide the needed inspection, automobile test, install right wires for speakers
under city regiment. Having experts in maintenance of all types of oil changes, engine tune-ups,
wheel balancing, tire rotation, stereo types, speaker installment, and changes and replacing filters
of all new and old model cars. The business will be a verification of the vehicle serviceability by
carrying test drives, sound readers for volume limitation, carrying computers for all make and
models of cars, adjusting each and every faulty car parts and ensuring the safety of both the
employee and clients.
The importance of this business venture is that it will maintain each vehicle malfunction
or conditioning by responding to each motorist complaints differently and effectively, carrying
inspections, repairing electrical and mechanical malfunctions for both cars that have stereos
installed for music competitions and cars with stock music, replacing all faulty parts and the
body damage with parts requested by owner. The shop will also ensure each car be kept in good DR Sounds Music and Body Shop INC. 3 condition of appearance by washing and painting to owners liking. The business will also solve
the major problem in most car shops social by maintaining supplies of the spare parts for
vehicles, troubleshooting breakdowns, and provision of services, battery failures, speaker
malfunctions and all other needs to ensure car runs good before you leave our shop.
Starting the shop will require various things in order such as, seeking supply from the
best suppliers, calling for consumers, advertisement and recruiting the best staff available. The
cost of the venture is estimated to be about $77,700 with the breakdown as follows. Diagnostic
machine ranges anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, Stereo supplies $17,200, rent fee for facility
is about $3,500-4,000 (New York based) on monthly basis depending on where shop is located. I
also need an insurance cover for about $4,000 a year and others such as license.