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(solution) java program question. need complete code,thank you for your help.

java program question. need complete code,thank you for your help.

Famous programmer and open source activist Richard Stallman has


often complained that code on the web is unreadable, and that it is


impossible to determine its intentions by looking at it. In order to make


javascript code (which is always accessible to a website's user) fast and


unreadable, developers use code obfuscators, which rename variables


and remove whitespace. Minified and obfuscated code is often


especially difficult to read because it appears in blocks. In order to help


cranky old developers like Mr. Stallman read code, you will be writing a


program that neatly formats javascript code.


Fortunately, JavaScript looks a lot like Java: its instructions are delimited


by semicolons and its code blocks are delimited with curly braces. Your


job will be to add new lines after each instruction, correctly indent the


code, and make sure that curly braces and parentheses are closed in


the correct order. By using a stack and a counter, you should also be


able to determine the indentation level of the code, and determine if any


parentheses and curly braces are missing, or in the wrong order. If you


catch any code block or parentheses errors while neatly formatting your


code, the program should stop and report the error to the user at the end


of the now neatly formatted file.


How it works: Read through the JavaScript file character by character


and copy it over to a new string. Every time you encounter a curly brace,


or a semicolon (outside a for loop), add a newline character, as well as


the correct number of tab characters to the new string. The number of


tabs starts at 0. Every time you encounter an opening curly brace, add


one to the number of tabs. Every time you encounter a closing curly


brace, subtract one. Every time you encounter an opening curly brace,


push the BRACE BlockType to the stack. Every time you encounter the


opening parenthesis (that isn't part of the for loop), push the PAREN


BlockType to the stack. Every time you encounter the string "for(, push


the FOR BlockType to the stack. Every time you encounter a closing


curly brace or closing parenthesis, pop from the stack. If the item you


popped does not match the type of closing character you encountered


(or is empty), stop and print a new line explaining the problem. You do


not need to continue to parse the rest of the file. Note: closing


parenthesis matches both PAREN and FOR block types. NOTE: All exceptions explicitly thrown in Required Classes except for


IllegalArgumentException are custom exceptions that need to be made


by you.


Your Task 4












4 4




4 4


4 Given an input javascript (.js) or text (.txt) file, you must format it as per


the samples. This includes:


Adding newlines after ; and { and }


NOTE: you must not add newlines after ; iff the ; is in a for


statement's parentheses


Checking whether (, ), {, } are balanced (e.g. too many


closing/openings, missing parentheses / braces)


Proper indentation depending on brace level


You can and should use a stack for those last two items


Input Note: Your input may have newlines and tabs already in it.


They may not be correct.


Hint: it's safest to remove all newlines and tabs before processing


the file.


Error Checking:


When you encounter any error, you stop going through the input




You are mainly formatting. You don't need to concern yourself with


something like for (;;;;;). You should detect something like


console.log(500;, which is an error.


Rule: ; should never be inside () except when in for loop


initialization. You do not need to format JS containing lambdas (if you


don't know what this is, don't worry about it). Additionally, there will not


be new opened braces or parentheses inside for loop initialization.


If you encounter something like 'foo("my string";', this would be a


missing close parenthesis.


You need to print the error you encounter and write it to the end of


the output file as a // comment. Examples: Missing close brace; Missing


open brace, Missing close parenthesis, Missing open parenthesis, extra


of any of those. You do not need to print the location (unless you're doing extra credit). Required Classes






















4 JavascriptFormatterRunner (driver)


public static void main(String args)


Displays menu asking for name of input file


Rest of program flow follows the following use case:


User is asked for a file name. Assume for example user enters




File is read, and formatted internally.


Program prints (to Standard Out) the formatted JavaScript from


input and any errors. These errors also print to the console.


Program Exits.




private JSStack stack - This is the stack where you will push and


pop parentheses and braces.


private int indentLevel - This is where you store the number of tab


(' ') characters to print before a line


public String format(String input) - this method takes the data from


the file and formats it.


public JavascriptFormatter() - constructor. Initialize your stack.


JSStack - you may choose to extend or use an existing stack, or


implement your own (we suggest using a linked list type structure). This


stack will be of BlockType objects. It would be good practice to


implement your own.


If you use Java 1.8's stack, you will likely want to read up on


generics and this page. You do not need to use the provided name for


the stack, but you must have a stack.


Your stack must have these public methods: 4


4 4


4 public void push(BlockType b) - pushes b onto the front of the


backing data structure.


public BlockType pop() - takes the BlockType that is on top of the


backing data structure, saves that value, removes that BlockType from


the backing data structure, and returns that BlockType. If the stack was


empty, throw an EmptyStackException.


public BlockType peek() - takes the BlockType that is on top of the


backing data structure, and returns that value to the caller. Does NOT


remove that BlockType from the backing data structure.


public boolean isEmpty() - returns true if stack is empty, false




The details for these methods are standard stack methods. You can find


those details in the lecture slides. 4




4 enum BlockType






FOR General Recommendations


You might want to implement a toString() method for classes to make


debugging and printing easier. You do not have to do this, but it will help




You can feel free to add any extra methods and variables as you see fit


(public and private).


UI Required Functions


Output Format:


Example 1:


Gcds-unformat.js contents: function gcdRec(a, b) {if (b) {return gcd_rec(b, a %


b);} else {return Math.abs(a);}}function gcdIter(a,b)


{if (a < 0) a = -a;if (b < 0) b = -b;if (b > a) {var


temp = a; a = b; b = temp;}


while (true) {if (b ==


0) return a;a %= b;if (a == 0) return b;b %=




; Sample IO:


Welcome to the Javascript Formatter.


Please Enter a filename: gcds-unformat.js


------ Properly formatted program ---------function gcdRec(a, b) {


if (b) {


return gcd_rec(b, a % b);




else {


return Math.abs(a);






function gcdIter(a,b) {


if (a < 0) a = -a;


if (b < 0) b = -b;


if (b > a) {


var temp = a; a = b; b = temp;




while (true) {


if (b == 0) return a;


a %= b;


if (a == 0) return b;


b %= a;










--Thank you for making your code readable!--- Example 2:


Contents of extrabrace-unformat.txt:


var swipes=7;var weeks=14;for(var i =1; i<=weeks; i++)


{for(var j=1; j<=swipes; j++){console.log("Day "+j+"


week "+i+" still don't care to eat all the food");}}}


Sample IO:


Welcome to the Javascript Formatter.


Please Enter a filename: extrabrace-unformat.txt


Ending program.


------ Properly formatted program ---------var swipes=7;


var weeks=14;


for(var i =1; i<=weeks; i++){


for(var j=1; j<=swipes; j++){


console.log("Day "+j+" week "+i+"


still don't care to eat all the food");








//ERROR: extra brace found.


--Thank you for making your code readable!--- Example 3:


Contents of extraParen-unformat.js:


var meme=1;var dank=9001;if(meme==1){if((dank>9000)))


{console.log("over 9000");}} Sample IO:


Welcome to the Javascript Formatter. Please Enter a filename: extraParen-unformat.js


------ Properly formatted program ---------var meme=1;


var dank=9001;






//ERROR:extra closing parenthesis found


--Thank you for making your code readable!--Note: you can find more examples in the attached .zip folder.


Extra Credit


You need to include the line and location in both the input file and the


stream where the error is found. For a missing parenthesis and a


missing brace, you must indicate the position (line and location) of the


unmatched character.


Line and location is equivalent to Line/Chr details in Notepad++, or in


IntelliJ in the nn:mm; nn = line; mm = location. In vim, nn,mm; nn = line;


mm = location.


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