(solution) I guess I need Help The tutor that started helping me with this

(solution) I guess I need Help The tutor that started helping me with this

I guess I need Help The tutor that started helping  me with this project is not longer available.  This is last part of the project.  He did the first part of the project and the second part.  Both are attached.  And I included the feedback from the professor  at the end so you can do it better in the last part with is the Power point presentation….  

This project is related to Shopping behavior of Hispanic customers.

This is PowerPoint presentation that summaries the primary and secondary research completed in this course. There is no maximum number of slides. References and sources must be indicated if used from published documents.  Clear, simple, and easy to read information and data will receive the best grades. Caution: be sure to not include too much information on a single slide in the presentation deck.

Which was the Primary and secondary Report??? —- 

Secondary Report

Ten-page report that investigates the online shopping behavior of Hispanic customers. This should include the frequency of usage, demographic profiles for online buyers, attitudes about the process, and purchase rates compared to traditional in-store shopping. Report must include citation of sources, website links to secondary source documents, and attachments relevant to Hispanic online shopping.



his is a three to five-page report based on a combination of personal interviews, focus groups, and survey research questionnaire. The topic is a comparison of paper and online coupons, especially the preferences, needs, and value to Hispanic shoppers. This must also include a short recommendation about the type of coupons to be offered, and the most productive category for coupon redemption.

This was the professor Feedback. 

While you wrote a good paper with excellent integrity and composition, there were a few things that could have been used to improve the quality of your hard work.

1. Many of the citations were old, certainly by Internet standard, since as anything earlier than 2010. There was one dating back to 1992 (Minor). This particular was very good in its information, but should be more current. 

2. The resources you use to find data can be different the the numbers compiled, and the method used to put them together. For example, the number of Hispanics in a city population in 2010 did NOT include Miami. Here is one other source that I found that will show you differences.


3. You had more information about Hispanic consumers than their ONLINE shopping behavior. This was the focus  of the assignment, and more should be expected on this topic. While this might have been hard to find, you did bring out many excellent points, about the “trust” factor.

So, it was a very good paper, but did not fully explore the topic of online shopping behavior, especially since the Hispanic population is so large and a significant part of the American marketing landscape. 

Marketing Topic Analysis
Nancy Alvarez Vazquez
78606 Page 2 A Comparison of Paper and Online Coupons:
When I think about coupons, what clicks my mind is JC Penney Inc. this is a company
that had excessively used coupons as their pricing strategies and later came to affect them. This
company appointed Ron Johnson ? senior manager at Apple Inc. ? as their CEO to try and
change this pricing strategy and increase the sales for JC Penny (Berfield, 2012). This transition
was never a success and Ron?s ideas that were excellent at Apple Inc. were deemed a total fail.
Mark Kramer, JC Penney?s chief operating officer was quick to associate this fail with the
addiction of the customers to coupons. In fact, he called the coupons a ?drug?. What do I mean?
Coupons – tickets redeemable for financial discounts -are very addictive and this situation is no
different when it comes to Hispanic Online Shoppers. Everybody wants a discount on any
purchase. Sometimes business firms use commodity bundling and a tagline ?buy one get one
FREE? (Dansby, 1984). When you look at the prices of these bundles, it is actually a price that
can buy almost the two commodities separately. In general, customers like these coupons for
discount purposes to an extent that it is an addiction. This paper seeks to discuss paper and online
coupons ? the preferences, needs and value ? to Hispanic shoppers.
Between paper and online coupons, what is the most preferable among the Hispanics? To
answer this question, I conduct an interview to a few Hispanics.
Rivera Carla is a career woman and one who likes doing her shopping once in a while.
Rivera believes that frequent visit to the stores for shopping is a waste of time and to her online Page 3
shopping is the best option. I asked her whether she liked anything to do with coupons, ?Yes, I
do a lot of shopping and am loyal to the stores I shop, the only way to reward this is by giving
some discounts which is only through coupons?, she replied. ?what type of coupons do you
prefer ? paper or online?? Carla said, ?as I told you before I do most of my shopping online, my
preference is the online coupons?. ?how often do you redeem or are you allowed to redeem the
coupons?? Carla said that the store owners are not that friendly when it comes to redeeming the
coupons, the customers are allowed to redeem them only when the store owners wants to clear
their stocks. To Carla these coupons are more advantageous to the store owners than even the
customers. But why do the customers like them so much?
I sought the answers from Juan Pablo. This is a youthful student who is well informed
about the internet. ?Juan, what?s your view about coupons??, ?first, I would like to say that I am
from a family that is not so well educated and they look up to me to help them in anything that
concerns online business. Two, online shopping is very popular among us so more often than not
my family requires me to help them shop online. My point here is that I do a lot of online
shopping on the same profile. If there are coupons then I?m going to have a lot of points, my
view is coupons should be there and much more the online coupons? Pablo answered even what
he did prefer. ?Who do you think benefits more from these coupons ? customers or the store
owners??, the answer was the same as the previous one, ?it?s the store owners, the redeem what
they don?t need in their stores, we are grateful for any reward after redemption though?
Alberto Herrera, a Hispanic store owner was the third person I interviewed. I was
delighted to get a chance to interview this guy as the previous interviews were from the
customers and now I had got a store owner. ?Herrera, I?ve talked with a couple of customers and
they are complaining of coupons being of more benefit to the you ? the store owners?, ?in Page 4
business we try to be friendly to the customers and still not hurt ourselves in the process? said
Herrera. ?my main question to you is, which coupons do the Hispanics prefer??, ?I would like to
say that the Hispanics are more of online shoppers. This means that only a few will come asking
for paper coupons and the rest want online. Generally, this group of people like coupons either
paper or online coupons? Herrera replied.
Rodriguez was the last person I interviewed. This was an old man who seemed not to be
in any need of these coupons. ?Mr. Rodriguez, what is your opinion about coupons?? ?coupons?
My interest is what I am buying and not what I will be rewarded with after I?ve bought what I
wanted to buy?.
Focus group:
When researching on these groups I took the following notes on their opinions on paper
and online coupons: Preference: These are mainly used by the groups who do not like online shopping. As a result,
Hispanic customers prefer the online coupons as it suits their modes of shopping. Needs:
?Latinos and Coupons: a tale of two words? there has been rumors that coupons don?t really
work with Hispanic consumers. I would also confirm that these are just unjustified statements.
And by the way, if you happen to ask some agencies about Hispanics and coupons, the answer is;
?those two never much?.
According to these groups, I would say coupons are very much valuable to this group for the
following reasons. Page 5 They are always shopping at one destination. For instance, when it comes to grocery, this
group like shopping as much as possible in a single destination and probably once per week.
Shopping is social. This group is seen to use more online shopping than any other group.
As a result, they find it fun to use the online coupons more than the rest of the groups.
Whether paper or online coupons, any can be convenient but this depends on the group of people who are to use them. In our case study ? Online behavior for Hispanic consumers ? I
would recommend that marketers should use the online coupons as advocated by Vincent
Andaloro – president of Latin-Pak ? in the Promo Magazine. This comes as a result of this group
being considered to frequently shop online. Coupon redemption is also a double benefit. The
customers feel satisfied while the marketers make profits.
Paper coupons are not as common as the online coupons when we are talking about
Hispanic customers. This comes from their increased rate of online shopping and increased
population over the few years. In this regard, marketers should use this method as one of the
ways to reach the Hispanic consumers (Oates, n.d). Page 6 References
Berfield, S. (2012, May 24), Remaking J.C. Penney Without Coupons. Bloomfield Business
Week. Retrieved from http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-0524/remaking-j-dot-c-dot-penney-without-coupons
Dansby, R. E., & Conrad, C. (1984). Commodity bundling. The American Economic Review,
74(2), 377-381.