(solution) I need this paper completed within a week. If you cannot then

(solution) I need this paper completed within a week. If you cannot then

I need this paper completed within a week. If you cannot then please do not accept. I already reported 3 tutors who did not do it at all after accepting. Please know that references, table of contents do not count toward the pages. Please add graphs, figures, finances of BP regarding the oil spill etc. I will tip heavily since 50 is maximum to post a question (the tip will depend on quality but the max is 55.00)

and also please do not plagiarize since I put it through a program. Also make it graduate level. Single spaced but in APA format.

The project is an empirical research that requires to: 1) conduct independent research on a specific current topic in international finance; 2) analyze the data; 3) report on the findings and 4) summarize lessons learned about international finance from this project.

include the following: 1) A topic; 2) an overview of the topic as described in the press, etc; 3) preliminary hypotheses that you are planning to test; 4) a sample of the data that will be used; and 5) a list of references (articles and data sources)

There is no specified length to the report, but I would recommend a maximum of 20 and minimum of 11 single-spaced pages plus appendices, tables, references (12 minimum) and figures. The report must be done using APA format (even though it has to be single spaced). It should be carefully proof-read.

This is what I am doing for my topic:
? BP (British Petroleum) founded in 1908 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company
? The BP Oil Spill

How did it happen?
What precautions could have saved this disaster from happening

To what extent did this affect the global economy in regards to international finance?

Also Secondary listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and NYSE
? BP Solar International