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(solution) Among college students, suicide is the 2nd leading common cause

Among college students, suicide is the 2nd leading common cause of death ( As we discuss psychological health and stress management it is important that we also discuss the topic of suicide and helping a friend in need. Kognito At-Risk is an online avatar-based program that helps students identify the warning signs of suicide, talk to a friend in crisis, and learn about local resources that are important to preventing suicide.

To access the training you will need to click on the assignment flyer. At the bottom of the flyer you will find a link. Once you click the link it will take you to Kognito's CCC Student Mental Health Program. You will need to create an account by clicking the 'creating an account' orange link above where it says 'email.' Please make sure to make student/RA and complete the introduction questions. Please take the student training.

For this assignment you will complete the 30-40 minute online training and survey. Once you have completed the training you will write a 1-page, double spaced, size 12 front reflection on the training answering the questions below:

1. What were some of the warning signs of suicide you identified through the training?

2. What resources or tools did you learning from the training that would help you facilitate a difficult conversation in real life?

3. Did you feel the training was helpful? Why or why not?

HELPING A FRIEND IN DISTRESS AT ORANGE COAST COLLEGE: Have you ever had a friend who was struggling? Have you wanted to talk to a


fellow student dealing with a problem, but weren't sure how? Most college


students say they would turn to their friends for support during times of


stress, overwhelming anxiety, or depression; however, for many college


students, these are not easy topics to discuss. Over 8% of CCC students say they have


seriously considered suicide in the past


year. That?s 1 in every 12 friends. 34% of CCC students report


feeling so depressed it is difficult


for them to function. At-Risk for College Students is a 30 minute, interactive, online training


simulation designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and


confidence to identify fellow students in distress, approach them


about the issues you've noticed, and refer them for help, if necessary. Help your fellow students in distress. For more information, contact Student Health Center- To access the course: Enrollment key: ccc6445


This training is made available to all California community colleges through the CCC Student Mental Health Program, a partnership between the Chancellor?s Office


and the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) funded through a grant from the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA). CalMHSA is an


organization of county governments working to improve mental health outcomes for individuals, families and communities. CalMHSA administers programs funded


by the voter approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop. 63) on a statewide, regional and local basis. © 2012 Kognito Interactive. All Rights Reserved, Updated August 23, 2012


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