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(solution) Hello, I'm needing help with multiple choice exams in Human

Hello, I'm needing help with multiple choice exams in Human Resources Management class. Each twenty- twenty five question  exam is worth 5 points each. Needing a B* (80%) grade average or better! Also needing each exam sent one by one as they are finished to submit for grade. Serious inquires from qualified tutor only please. Thank you

412713RR Acquiring and Preparing Human Resources


1. Benefits of establishing objectives for a training program include three of the following. Which is not


a benefit of establishing objectives for a training program?


A. Establishing objectives provides a basis for measuring the success of the program.


B. The training program will be more focused and more likely to succeed.


C. Objectives help HR professionals identify the situational constraints within the organization.


D. Employees learn best when they know what the training is supposed to accomplish.


2. Employers should ensure that their drug-testing programs conform to three of the following


guidelines. Which is not a guideline to which employers should ensure their drug-testing programs




A. The testing should be conducted in an environment that isn't intrusive and allows for strict


confidentiality of results.


B. The testing should be routinely administered to all technical and managerial functions across the




C. The employer should send the reports of the results to applicants along with information on how to


appeal and retest.


D. The employer should use drug testing for jobs that involve safety hazards


3. Which of the following correctly describes a learning management system?


A. The process of evaluating the organization, individual employees, and employees' tasks to determine


what kinds of training, if any, are necessary


B. A computer application that automates the administration, development, and delivery of training




C. A process of systematically developing training to meet specified needs


D. A process for determining the appropriateness of training by evaluating the characteristics of the




4. The steps required to properly execute a workforce utilization review are


A. tremendously varied from organization to organization.


B. essentially the same as those involved in the strategic planning process.


C. identical to the steps in the generic human resource planning process.


D. essentially the same as those involved in job analysis.


5. To increase the readability of training materials, one should


A. combine two or more paragraphs into one long paragraph. B. replace concrete words with abstract words.


C. add checklists and illustrations to clarify the text.


D. combine two or more sentences into one long sentence


6. In personnel forecasting, an effective HR professional tries to


A. predict the number and types of legal challenges the company is likely to face within the year.


B. develop HR policies and practices in response to anticipated moves by major competitors.


C. determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources.


D. anticipate trends within the HR field which are most likely to affect the success of current company




7. Imagine that you manage a car dealership affiliated with one of the big three U.S. automakers. Given


the increasing complexity and variety of today's automobiles, it's impossible to train your mechanics on


the details of every potential repair problem. Thus, in cooperation with corporate headquarters, you


have a training program whereby mechanics learn the basis of engine, emission, and other types of


repair, but in the case of a particular problem, seek expert advice through an online computer


application program. This approach is known as


A. e-learning. B. a virtual-reality simulation training program. C. an experiential behavior-modeling program. D. an electronic performance support system. 8. Predictive validation is better than concurrent validation because


A. job applicants' performance on the tests is influenced by their firsthand experience with the job.


B. the research administers tests to people who currently hold the job.


C. it's more time-consuming and difficult.


D. the group is more likely to include people who perform poorly on the test.


9. Which of the following options for avoiding an expected labor shortage has the benefit of being a


relatively fast solution with high revocability?


A. Turnover B. Retrained transfer C. Overtime D. New external hires



10. Which of the following personnel policies is not relevant to recruitment?


A. Administrative procedures B. Image advertising C. Internal versus external recruiting D. Lead-the-market pay strategies 11. The long-term success of diversity training is characterized by


A. unstructured programs.


B. training that's tied to business objectives, such as understanding customers. C. making sure that HRM practices meet standards of equal employment opportunity laws.


D. the number of minority or disabled employees on staff within the organization.


12. Which of the following is a permissible question for applications and interviews?


A. Do you have children? B. What schools have you attended? C. Do you have any disabilities? D. When did you attend high school? 13. Three of the following statements about the effects of downsizing are true. Which one is false?


A. Short-term cost savings often turn negative in the long term.


B. Downsizing efforts eliminate people who turn out to be irreplaceable assets.


C. Employees who survive downsizing often become narrow-minded and risk-averse.


D. Downsizing efforts guarantee an increase in organization competitiveness.


14. Should a former employer give a glowing statement about a candidate and the new employer later


learn of misconduct on the part of the employee during his or her previous employment, the new


employer may sue the former for


A. negligent omission. B. misrepresentation. C. defamation. D. lack of validity. 15. Why is it impermissible for an organization to ask, "What's your marital status?"


A. Employers can make reasonable accommodation prior to the candidate joining the company.


B. It's a question that doesn't determine a candidate's skill or ability to perform on the job.


C. It allows a third party to check candidate's credit history or reference, which is illegal.


D. It's a question that allows employers to gather information about a candidate's protected status


16. To select a training service, the organization mails a(n) _______ to several vendors.


A. request for proposal B. training-needs analysis C. affirmative-action plan D. request for training 17. At which stage in the selection process are supervisors and team members most involved?


A. Reference and background checks


C. Recruitment B. Receiving résumés from job portals


D. Employment interviews 18. Which of the following is not among the best ways for companies to establish a stronger recruiting


presence on a campus?


A. Select a limited number of campuses on which to recruit, and return to them on a yearly basis with


new job openings.


B. Establish college internship programs.


C. Select campuses within a 150-mile radius of the company's headquarters to ensure students are


familiar with the company and its products or services. D. Participate in university job fairs.


19. _______ identifies the tasks, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that training should emphasize.


A. Organizational analysis B. Task analysis C. Training-method analysis D. Person analysis 20. The general method of establishing the validity of a selection method by showing that there's an


association between scores on the selection measure and scores for job performance is called


A. content validation.


C. criterion-related validation. B. split-half estimate of validation.


D. reliability of the measurement and validation.


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