(solution) Exercise 1: Duration- One Hour You are a network engineer who has

(solution) Exercise 1: Duration- One Hour You are a network engineer who has

Exercise 1:

Duration- One Hour

You are a network engineer who has been asked to attend an initial meeting with the management team of ABC, LLC. ABC manufactures electric cars. Its new electric car was just picked up by a Government promotional scheme. ABC is upgrading its manufacturing capacity and hiring new employees.

Recently, ABC employees have started saying, “The network is too slow.” They are also experiencing problems sending email, accessing web-based applications, and printing. In the past, when the company was small, it didn’t have these problems. The operations manager outsourced computer services to a local business called Network Plus, which installed new workstations and servers as needed, provided desktop support, and managed the switches, router, and firewall. ABC is now considering bringing computer services in-house and is wondering how its network should evolve as it increases production of its electric Cars.

Based on the above scenario answer the following questions:

1. What research will you do before your initial meeting with the executive management team?

2. What general problems does ABC seem to be experiencing? What network design principles may have been ignored when Network Plus designed and operated the existing network?

4. List five questions you will pose to the executive management team. Why will you pose those questions?

Exercise 2:
Duration: 2 Hour
Fruit Gift Ltd established in 1965 in the Scotland and ship gift baskets of locally grown fruits to customers in the UK. The company also makes baked goods to include in the gift baskets. It has grown extensively over the years and is currently one of the biggest companies. Recently, the management team, have identified a need to immediately report when fruit is starting to ripen and should be picked and placed in cold storage. Employees in the marketing department have identified a need to access inventory data for the fruit in the orchards and in cold storage. With this data, they can design and sell gift-basket products that take advantage of the ripe fruit. This data must also be fed into e-commerce applications so that web orders can correctly specify product availability. In addition, the company recently hired an ambitious programmer who is anxious to use his knowledge of programming, SQL, and Database to design reporting applications for senior management. He calls you every day with new ideas on what he could accomplish if the network were upgraded so that he could reach up-to-date data from the orchards and cold storage buildings. As the network designer for this company, you have been charged with selecting network technologies to reach the orchards and cold storage buildings. Each of the six orchards has a shack with one or two standalone PCs and a printer. The three cold storage buildings are huge warehouses that include a few standalone PCs and printers. The local telephone company has suggested that you lease fractional T1 links, but these links are expensive and possibly beyond your budget. Wireless technologies are also possible, but you have heard that fruit trees, especially full-grown trees that are tall and leafy, can absorb a wireless radio frequency (RF) signal. You have also heard that the cold storage buildings have ice hazards, making it hard to install equipment. But you will not let these challenges faze you.
Based on the above scenario answer the following questions:
1. What investigation will you do with regard to the physical infrastructure of the orchards, the orchard shacks, and the cold storage buildings?
2. Make a list of business goals for Fruit Gift Company. What are some constraints that will affect these goals?
3. Make a list of technical goals for Fruit Gift Company. What tradeoffs might you need to make to meet these goals?
4. Will a wireless solution support the low delay that will be needed to meet the needs of the applications? Defend your answer.
5. What security concerns should you bring up as you design the network upgrade?

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