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(solution) 1 Eunjin Choi SLS302 8/29/2016 Assignment #1 The means of

HI, This is second language study and I attached my first writing which professor highlighted on some words.

I need second draft paper.

For your second (and final) draft of your written response paper you need to do the following:

NOTE: Please leave "Track Changes" on when you edit/revise your paper (this is so I can easily see the changes you made).

1. Correct any issues that I highlighted in your first draft. If something is highlighted and you are not sure what the issue is, ask a colleague or try looking at common usage in the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA):

2. Add a paragraph to the end of your written response wherein you provide a brief theory of language acquisition based on your language learning experiences.

So, in your original written response, I asked you to consider your personal experiences in language learning. In the final paragraph, I want you to take those experiences and hypothesize about language learning more generally.  This will continue to serve as a background for the theories of language acquisition we will read about later in this course.

1 Eunjin Choi






Assignment #1


The means of ?learn? in additional language is trying to acquire new reading,


writing, speaking, and listening skill in by study. On the other hand, the fact of second


language study, the difference in language acquisition between child and adult.


The reasons that people learning additional language are probably their career,


interest in other country, to understand different world view, communication with friend, and


for convenient when people traveling other country. Virtually, it is very natural to develop


the ability to acquire more than one language. After childhood, brain becomes more stable


and is more ready to process pick up additional language. In Korea, students spend a lot of


time on studying additional languages from their childhood because they controlled by force


of parents and school. The most parents in Korea believe in studying other language start


from young age is more effective than start later and there are much more benefits of


studying additional language for their child?s professional life.


Some students move when they were young enough to be taught at an early age


makes it much easier for them. I came to US around 16 years old. This can cause many


difficulties for me. The problems and challenges not only learning English but other things


such as going to school, make friends, and doing homework. When I got first time to came in


classroom in high school, I did not even understand what teacher said to me and I also had no


friends because I couldn?t talk to with classmates. This is reason why I started to study


English as a second language because I feel ashamed every time I didn?t understand what


people said. I mostly watched CNN, BBC at least two times without subtitle and repeated


with subtitle. 2 The learning language has led to achievement. For example, it also makes easier to


learn a third language. Most companies that plan to expand into overseas market are looking


for master of three languages in these days. They can get well-paid and greater benefits and


will be indispensable person at their work as they easily can get culture gap between the two


centuries. So I leaned Chinese for more likely to find a job and learned too easily since there


are same grammar structure between English and Chinese.


It also led to improving first language for our lives. When I learning new language, I


mostly find I have lot of understanding of my first language because I thought to my own


grammatical structure and vocabulary.


The learning language not led to confidence. One of most problems for me was


when I took an ESL class. Most of ESL students communicating each other in every class


time and writing journal or essay and fixed with each other. I always got afraid if I make


mistake, other student would laugh at me and making fun of me. There are also cultural


problems with learning additional language, such as difference individual work tasks at


school over social interaction with other country students. I probably didn?t know too much


about US culture and ways, making conversation with native English speaker would be


awkward. It?s quite a cultural shock for me because Korean?s value and educational system


are so much different than US student culture. In additional, I got social problems. Since I


was new to the US school system and used to different way of learning in schools that is in


Korea, I felt that I just don?t fit in. So, my classmate thought me shy girlI was shy because I


didn?t speak up often. I just might not know some words to say when people talking to me, so


kept quiet.


Leaning in additional language is our opportunity even though there are coexist


between good point and weak point while learning other language. Nevertheless, we keep 3 studying other language for various reasons.


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