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(solution) If anyone can help me develop this simple first lab code for my

If anyone can help me develop this simple first lab code for my ISM 116 course, it would be greatly appreciated. It is due by 11:59pm tonight, but if it could created as soon as possible so that I can then take the code and enter it into the dreamweaver app on a school computer before midnight tonight. 

Lab1: Basic HTML


Due by Sunday, Sept. 4 (11:59pm) In lab1, students are required to practice the basic HTML skills, such as creating the basic


HTML structure, using basic HTML tags to create divs, headings, paragraphs, lists, to insert


image in both text editor and Dreamweaver; Instructions:


Before you start, first create a folder named Firstname_Lastname_Lab1 on your desktop (e.g.




1) Using simple text editing program(text editor) to create an html page:


a) Create a new blank .txt , and copy the following document information into the .txt;


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"




<html xmlns="">




<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />


<title>Untitled Document</title>










b) Change the document title ?Untitled Document? into ?Self Introduction? (hint: within


<head> <title>)


c) Within the body, create a div (hint: use <div> tag)


Within the div:


d) Add a level 1 heading First name_Last name (hint: use one of the <h1>~<h6>)


e) Add a level 2 heading Basic Information (hint: use one of the <h1>~<h6>) f) Add a photo of yours, 150*150; (hint: use <img> tag, set the attribute value of src as


the ?imagename.jpg?, set the width and height as 150px; you should put the image


file in the same folder you just created)


g) Add a paragraph with information about yourself including: where are you from,


major, year etc.; (hint: use <p> tag)


h) Add a list of your hobbies; unordered; (hint: use <ul> tag followed by <li>)


i) Add at least 2 hyperlinks to your favorite web sites(hint: use <a> tag, set the value of


href to the web URL of your favorite website)


j) Add another level 2 heading Past Education (hint: one of the <h1>~<h6>)


k) Save the file as ?Self Introduction.htm?, and view it in browser, you can edit the .txt


and refresh the browser to view the change; (hint: click on file/save as, choose all




2) Using Dreamweaver to create an html page


a) Set up a local site: Open Dreamweaver, click on site/new site on the top bar, name it,


and set the folder you created in step 1 as the local site folder, and then save; now you


should be able to see the site folder on the right down corner panel; b) New a blank HTML page c) Customize your Dreamweaver Environment 1. Set the development environment as classic 2. Set the view as split view 3. Change the title ?untitled document? to ?Past Education?


d) Add content to the page


1. Create a div, on the top bar, layout, the first button: insert a div tag Within the div


2. Go to tool bar, select text, create a level 2 heading as ?Past Education? 3. Create a paragraph of your past education 4. Create an ordered list of your past educational experience, including duration and


institution 5. Go under common, add one hyperlink to your previous institution home page 6. Insert a picture of your previous institution(the picture should be in the same folder) 7. Save the page you just created in your site folder as ?Past Education.html?, click on


refresh, you should be able to see this html page under the site folder


3) Link the two html pages:


Under the site folder, click on the ?self introduction.htm? you created in step 1), select


the level 2 heading text ?Past Education?, right click select make link, choose the


Past_Education.html page you created in Step 2 and save; 4) Submit the zipped assignment file:


Now you can close Dreamweaver, view the pages you created in the folder, make sure


they look alright, all the pictures are showing and all the links work; then go back to


desktop, right click on the folder and send it to compressed/zipped file, and upload it to


the lab 1 assignment to canvas. Please be sure that the zip file named


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