(solution) I need all of these questions answered following the directions

(solution) I need all of these questions answered following the directions

I need all of these questions answered following the directions given. All the questions come from the book “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”

PLEASE remember the length and citation requirements.  An MLA in-text citation is required whenever an idea, fact, data, or specific language is used from a source.  An MLA in-text citation should include the author’s last name and page/paragraph number for a written source or the producer’s/director’s last name and the time stamp for a video/audio source.  If you are reading an ebook version which does not include specific page numbers for the entire document (like Overdrive), then please give the chapter number and page numbers). Each answer to each question must be at least one 6+-sentence. 

 Each response post must ALSO meet these expectations:  one 6+ sentence paragraph and include specific in-text citations.

1)  The Runaway Notice is fascinating in that its author and most of its readers would have been sincere in their descriptions.  Which of these is the most ironic in the light of current times?  How so?

2)  Jacobs’ considered her lot as a slave comparatively lucky in terms of her access to family, her early years, her education, and the community in which she lived.  Do you agree with her?  How so?/Why not?

3)  Dr. Flint’s behavior is easily characterized as barbaric.  What, however, do you think of the behavior of his wife and, by extension, the wives of other slave owners?  Is this behavior to be expected of women?  How so?/Why not?

4)  Personally, I have never been able to understand how a significant portion of men were able to sell their own children.  Jacobs is quite articulate about what she considered slavery’s negative effects over an entire society.  Do you agree with her?  How so?/Why not?

5)   The behavior of Mr. Sands is often brought into question.  What, do you believe, motivated his initial interests?  How does this explain his later behavior?  Justify your answer.

6)   Jacobs’ escape and choice to remain in sight of her children is especially intense.  Do you think that decision on her part as a mother was a good one?  How so?/Why not?

7)   How was Jacobs’ and her children’s relocation to the North disappointing?  To her?  To you as a reader?

8)  Did Jacobs’ reception in the North (that entire section of the book is in play here) surprise you?  How so?/Why  not?

9)  What is the most important thing that you learned from the material in this unit?  Why is it important today?

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Question 1
The runaway notice is downright comical because of how its author describes jacobs.it almost
paints a picture…