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(solution) pls need urgent help now i have a presentation and i want you to

pls need urgent help now i have a presentation and i want you to take a look of the project paper and add me some of the things i miss

Guidelines and Examples


The team project is a chance for you to develop a research question on your own. Imagine you are a


business analytics consultant. A business hires you because they are struggling and hope to use analysis


of their data to improve the functioning of the business. Alternatively, you could be working for a nonprofit or government agency to improve their effectiveness.


Your research question will utilize regression analysis which looks at the relationship between variables.


In regression analysis you look at whether the variation in one variable correlates with variation in one or


more other variables. Ultimately you are trying to figure out whether a change in one variable will lead


to a predictable change in another. Regression analysis measures how much of an impact independent


variables have on the dependent variable.


Here are some examples of the types of questions you could ask:


Example 1: The examples in chapter 9 examine the effect of the size of houses on their sale price. They


are trying to determine whether a bigger house means a higher sales price. They find that one


additional square foot of house size is associated with an increase in sale price of $35. This type of


analysis would be helpful for both realtors and homeowners.


Example 2: Another example you could look at would be the income of your customers. You?re trying to


figure out whether there is relationship between income and purchases. As consumers have more


income, do they buy more or less of your product? Your findings could be useful in deciding which


customers to target with your advertising.


Example 3: Do interest rates influence growth? You could look at interest rates and economic growth


rates for the past 40 years (or different countries) to see if the move in a consistent way. Are lower


interest rates correlated with economic growth? Research Question


For this project you have to find a data set that is publicly available or that you have access to (for


economic data is a good one, for socioeconomic). In order to work for regression observation the data has to have a decent number of


observations (at least 40 or so) with the relevant variables. For example #1 we have a whole list of


individual house sales, each one has information on price and house characteristics. For example #3 we


would look at each quarter of the year as an individual observation, so Q1 1995 we would have


information on both growth rates and interest rates and we would have 4 quarters for each year from


1960-present. When finding a data set, think about what types of information could be potentially useful to a business.


Useful could mean enabling them to better target their customers, identify which products to push, how


to lower production costs, etc. Think about what actions could be taken based depending on the results


of the analysis. Also, think about an area that interests you. This is your chance to explore a topic of your


choosing. (Your question cannot be the same as one of the examples done in the book.) Project write-up:


Your project write-up is due on Wednesday of the week 8.


The project write-up does not have to be long ? you may be able to do it in just a few pages. I will give


you an example to look at. The quality of the write-up itself is more important than the actual findings.


You may find that there is no statistical significance to the factor you assessed, which is an important


finding itself. Your write-up has to include the following elements.




Rationale and research question: What question you are trying to answer and why it is important


to the business.




Descriptive information: Explain to us the variables to be analyzed as well as any important


characteristics of data.




Limitations: Discuss the assumptions of the procedures, uncertainties involved, or other possible


trouble spots of this type of analysis. These have to do with the data set and the relationship between


the variables. This you should do before you conduct any actual regressions.




Analysis: Lay out the procedure you will be using. Conduct the analysis and give the results of the


analysis including, R squared, statistical significance, and the regression coefficients. What do these


results mean? Decide the best way to display your results. There should be some visual element which


could be data tables, graphs, etc. (utilizing the design principles we talked about). Show us the important


results, not just everything excel spits out.




Results and conclusion: Given the results of your analysis, what can you conclude? In this section


you take into account all of the other parts of the paper and focus on what actions would you suggest


based on your analysis.


Appendix (optional) includes other data results and tables here. Do not include your data set. Project presentation:


Along with your write-up you should submit a narrated presentation (you can use PowerPoint, Prezi, or


any other appropriate software). The presentation should be no longer than 7 minutes (it can be


shorter). The content will be the same as the write-up, but you should be selective and decide what the most important aspects of your research are. You should use some type of visuals and utilize the


principles of good design we talked about. For the presentation imagine helping the audience of your


classmates to understand your analysis in a quick timeframe.




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