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(solution) Hi Kid, I have another one for you. This one is a bit longer with 4 problems. Each Problem is worth

Hi Kid, I have another one for you. This one is a bit longer with 4 problems. Each Problem is worth 25% of the grade. I am still waiting on the results of the Project Management Quiz. This professor grades very slowly!! Please let me know if you wish to take this one on. So far I am very happy! Please note that you can work the entire exam in a single Excel file with multiple sheets if you wish.Alternatively, you may use Excel only for the simulation problem (Problem 4) and a Word file for the remaining problems.I am fine with either alternative. Document Preview: Exam 1 Please answer problems 1 through 3 in a Word or Excel file, and problem 4 in an Excel file. For full credit, please show your work/calculations, and the reasoning leading to a numerical answer, do not just state the answer. Problem 1 The process flow diagram below illustrates bread making on two baking lines that can work in parallel, feeding into a packaging line. Each baking line bakes a batch of 100 loaves at a time, and the batches are then sent for packaging. FG stands for “Finished Goods”, CT for Cycle Time. Bread Making FG WIP Packaging CT = 1hr/100 Loaves Bread Making CT = 1 hr/100 Loaves CT = 1hr/100 Suppose that the capacity of the packaging line is 100 loaves every hour. Identify the bottleneck operation and compute the steady state capacity of the process. By how much should the start times of the two bread making lines be staggered so that each batch of 100 loaves has the same lead time? What is the lead time of a batch of 100 loaves in (b) above? Estimate the average capacity utilization of each bread-making line and of packaging when the process is run as per the rule you specified in your answer to (b). Problem 2 Consider the following project network. The numbers represent activity times in weeks. Carry out a forward and backward path analysis and calculate ES, EF, LS, LF, and slack for each activity. Problem 3 Suppose the number against each activity represents the expected activity times rather than the actual activity times. The estimated activity standard deviations are A = 1, H = 2, I = 3, J = 2, E = 5. Estimate the probability that the project will finish within 21 weeks using the PERT method. Problem 4 A book store needs to place an order for calendars. Each calendar sells for $10. Customer demand is assumed to be normally distributed with mean 200 and standard deviation 60. The number of calendars that the book store’s supplier can supply is uniformly distributed between 125 and 200. The book...


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