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(solution) requesting for complete solutions. linear programming using excel

requesting for complete solutions. linear programming using excel

IS102 Computer as an Analysis Tool Assignment 2 Question 1 We have three factories (A, B, C) and five distributors (P, Q, R, S, T) of our products. The products are shipped by truck from factory to distributor. At most 180 units of our products fit a truck. The shipping cost is $1 per unit to load the truck and $1 per unit to unload the truck plus the mileage cost. The mileage cost is based on the mileage the truck must travel between the factory and the distributor. The mileage cost is independent of how many units in the truck. The mileage cost is the same whether there are five units in the truck or 180 units, namely $15 per mile. The maximum monthly productions of the factories are: A 4000 units, B 2000 units, and C 1500 units. The monthly demands by the distributors are: P 1000 units, Q 1600 units, R 1500 units, S 2000 units, and T 1400 units. The mileage chart of the distances between factories and distributors is: Factories A B C P 100 50 40 Distributors Q R 140 200 65 60 150 100 S 150 70 90 T 35 80 130 Use Solver to determine the number of units to send each month from each factory to each distributor so as to minimize the total shipping costs. Your worksheet also should show the number of trucks to send from each factory to each distributor and total shipping cost. Question 2 In your History course there are three one hour exams, a paper, and a final exam. Each of these is graded between 0 and 100. In determining the final grade, the professor has decided to drop each student's lowest hour exam grade. The two highest hour exam grades will count 1/6 each, the paper will count 1/3, and the final exam will count 1/3 in determining the overall average for the course. The final letter grade for the course will be based on the overall average, as follows: below 60 is an F, 60 to less than 65 is a D, 65 to less than 75 is a C, 75 to less than 80 is a B-­?, 80 to less than 90 is a B, 90 to less than 95 is a A-­?, 95 and above is an A . a) There are 10 students in the course. Create a worksheet that automatically calculates and displays the overall average and final letter grade for each student. Enter 10 names and sets of grades that fully test the formulas in the worksheet. You should enter a name, three hour exam grades, a paper grade, and a final exam grade for each student. Everything should be calculated automatically. b) In deciding the Grade Point Average, an A is worth 4 points, a B is worth 3 points, a C is worth 2 points, a D is worth 1 point, and an F is worth 0 points. An A-­? is worth 3.666 points and a B-­? is worth 2.666 points. Add formulas to your worksheet so that the course Grade Point Average is calculated and displayed. For example, the average grade for the 10 students in the course might be 2.8. c) To further encourage students to work hard on their papers, the professor has decided that whoever receives the highest grade on the paper will receive at least an A-­? in the course whatever the student's grades on the exams. Modify your worksheet so that the student who receives the highest grade on the paper automatically receives at least an A-­?. Question 3 Use the TODAY function to create the following worksheet. Your worksheet should work automatically whatever the day. Today is 06-Jan-09 This is day 6 There are 359 .


of the year


days 2009 . remaining in the year. Question 4 The tortoise and the hare are having a race. Whoever can travel the most distance in an hour wins. For the tortoise, each minute the probabilities are 25% he rests and doesn't move, 30% he travels forward 1 foot, 35% he travels forward 2 feet, 10% he travels forward 3 feet. For the hare, each minute the probabilities are 10% he moves backward one foot, 65% he doesn't move, 25% he moves forward 5 feet. a) Create a worksheet to simulate the race. You should have a row for each minute. You should have columns at least for: minute number, tortoise position, hare position, who is ahead. You may use other columns and cells as you wish. At the top of the worksheet give the winner for the simulation (or possibly it's a tie). Also at the top please give the number of minutes during which the hare is behind where he started. b) Create a chart that has minutes along the X axis and position in feet from the starting line along the Y axis. The chart should show the positions of the tortoise and the hare during the race. Pressing F9 to simulate a new race should cause the chart to be updated automatically.


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