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(solution) Hi! I wrote the critical analysis paper for Business class. I

Hi! I wrote the critical analysis paper for Business class. I need grammar and spelling check. It also business writing so suppose to be short and concise. 

Corina Bogomolova


Integrative Business Applications: BA 3103 SECTION# 016


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Michael Schirmer


Writing Assignment: Critical Analysis


DATE: 09/22/16 1 Critical Analysis Article: ?McDonald?s Survey of Franchisees Finds Pessimistic View of Chain? History and today?s overview


Today McDonalds is the largest ?fast food? service retailer in the world, with more than 36,538 restaurants


in over 119 countries serving approximately 68 million people every day. The corporation is well known for its fast


service and for its efforts in recent years to diversify its menu range to make their options more appealing to a


larger number of customers. According to NYSE McDonalds (MCD) stock on September 20, 2016 is valued


$117.60 per share.




Situational analysis is a very important tool for the investigation of effective marketing strategies in


business. Strengths The most significant McDonalds? strengths are long last history of 61 year and its strong brand


recognition, which differentiates the company from all other fast food restaurants around the globe. McDonalds?s


brand is the most known in fast food industry and is valued at $40 billion. Advertisement is another strength; the


company provides strong promotional and communication tools to gain customer?s interest and reach out to the


wider market. McDonalds?s yearly advertising budget is about $2 billion. More than 90 percent of restaurants are


owned by independent franchisees, which gives company focus more on perfecting its serving operations and


marketing campaigns. Company also pays attention to include the children in marketing strategy. For example,


about 40 percent of its profit comes from the sales of happy meals. In addition to strengths, company proved the


ability to adapt to local international markets; it successfully operates in more than 119 countries. Company also


has a strong partnership with well-known brands, like Coca Cola, Disney and others. Weaknesses McDonald?s has


negative publicity for offering unhealthy food to its customers, stimulating obesity and issues with the health.


Although company starts implemented healthier choices to its menu, the majority of the food is still contain very


high calories index. Another weakness is the small salary rate, which results in lower performance and high


employee turnover. Thus, increases overall costs, included training cost. Opportunities In todays market the


demand for healthier food is significantly increased. McDonalds could bring more healthy food choices and


convert its weakness into strength. For example, McDonalds opened its first outlet in Hong Kong with a new 2 dining concept in the region called McDonald?s Next. This concept restaurant offers a salad bar, called ?Create


Your Taste? touch screen to customize salads with healthy ingredients for customers. McDonalds could use the


nowadays technology to exploit an opportunity of delivering food to home, implement mobile app for promotions


and advertising to attract a new customers. McDonalds should create new restaurant?s ideas because in todays


world customers are changing their habits so quickly. So far, the company has been successful in introducing its


new McStop and McCafé. Threats Competition of fast food industry is the biggest threat to McDonalds


restaurants. Company?s strategy is becoming not to differentiate itself, but use cheapest price policy to retain its


sales. On the other hand, due to government and other organizations attempts to fight obesity, customers are


becoming more conscious of eating healthy rather than what McDonalds?s cheapest menu has to offer.


The main Macro Environmental Trends


The McDonalds?s competitive trend presents a thread from its competitive. Company has thousands of


competitors including, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC, Subway, and fast-casual, like Chipotle Mexican


Grill. The positive competitive trend is McDonalds?s strategy, to be the world best restaurants according to quality,


price and their services, which make their customers happy. With this strategy and its well-known brand,


McDonalds holds the stable position on todays market. Political factor Legal/regulatory trend plays against


McDonalds. For example, the government and other organizations that fight against obesity could potentially


forbid the selling high calories fast food. Economy Company always need to thing about main aspects of the


business, like growth and profitability. Thus, they need continue to keep its strong finance and advertising


strategies in place, consider a demand and supply, distribution, production, exchange rate, and differential


economic growth rates around the globe.




From McDonalds?s history, current overview, SWOT analysis, and the main Macro-environmental


conditions we can conclude that McDonalds has positive changes, but faces some difficult challenges. For future


growth and success it needs to maintain its core strengths, focusing on customers, which now prefer healthy food


style. The most important, McDonalds needs to focus on how to differentiate its business and beats its competitors. 3 References 1.


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