(solution) Part I Recently, there was an epidemic of Ebola virus infection

(solution) Part I Recently, there was an epidemic of Ebola virus infection

Part I

Recently, there was an epidemic of Ebola virus infection in Western Africa. The deadly nature of the viral infection led to calls for travel restrictions and mandatory isolation of U.S. citizens suffering from Ebola infections.  Discuss, in your own words, the biological systems involved, the effect of the virus on those systems and the manner of transmission. Discuss whether U.S. citizens who have communicable diseases be mandatorily refused entry back into the United States and/or forcibly quarantined? You may also wish to address current issues with the Zika virus. Provide biological reasons for your position and provide source citations.


During the epidemic of Ebola virus infection in Western Africa, ZMapp was identified as an experimental treatment for Ebola infection composed of monoclonal antibodies.  ZMapp was given to several individuals with Ebola infections, including the two U.S. health care workers who were transported back to the U.S. for treatment.  In your own words, briefly explain how monoclonal antibodies are produced and their mechanism of action as a therapeutic for treatment of an Ebola infection. Research and identify one other monoclonal antibody-based therapeutic and the condition it treats.  One of the risks of any protein-based therapeutic injection is anaphylaxis.  In your own words, briefly explain what happens during anaphylaxis.  Knowing what you now know about Ebola infection and the risk of anaphylaxis, was it, in your opinion, appropriate to treat the Ebola infected workers with Zmapp?  Support your position with biological reasons,explain why you came to your conclusions and be sure to cite your sources.

Ebola virus being systemic, attacks virtually all organs and tissues except for skeletal muscles and bones.
The virus causes hemorrhaging by releasing proteins that suppress the body?s…