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(solution) Please look at my paper and Give me suggestion on Grammer and

Please look at my paper and Give me suggestion on Grammer and word chose!! This paper is due tomorrow, $10 is all I have. Please Help

Note: Please include a reference I can add into my paper.

Running head: CLASSROOM OBSERVATION #1 1 Classroom Observation #1


Kellie L. Stevens


Community College of Denver [SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS] 2


Classroom Observation #1


As student majoring in Elementary Education, I have learned different tenancies to teach


children. I had recently observed a first-grade class at Meadow Point Elementary School on


Friday, September 9th, 2016. Ms. Kristin Tretten was pleased to have me study the core and


guided reading section of her course from 9:30 am-11:00 am. Ms. Tretten had another female


teacher assistant with her. Her TA was assigned to helped the persons with disabilities. One


student had Autism, and another had Down Syndrome. There is a total of twenty children


registered in Ms. Tretten class. However, there were only sixteen out of twenty children in


attendance that day, twelve girls and five boys. Although I have five years of experience, I was


looking forward to seeing how another teacher impacts their students? lives.


As I arrived in the classroom, I noticed how nicely the classroom was put together. There


was a total of twenty desks for the students to sit and they were split into four separate groups.


Each group of desks has an assigned an animal to be identified by. Those animals were a riddle


snake, grizzly bear, black widow spider, and a lizard. On the other hand, I had noticed that there


were bookshelves, a whiteboard. ?Over by the reading carpet, there was a calendar,


multiplication table, and bullion boards so that the students can display their work for parents


and others to see.? (Stevens, K. EssayCracker. 2016)


The nature of Ms. Tretten classroom and her teaching methods show that she had deep


pride in her passion for teaching. During this session of this first-grade class these four rotations


each lasted about 15-20 minutes. During these four rotations they worked on (A) interactive


activities on the computers. First, when the students were working on the interactive activities on


the computers, they had to answer comprehension questions at the end of each activity. (B)


partner reading. The second rotation, the students had to sit down on the reading carpet and read [SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS] 3


books to another student or a stuffed animal. (C) Reading worksheets. Then, in the third


rotation, the students had to sit quietly at their desks and work on a worksheet. This worksheet


that the students were working on was called ?vowel sounds,? They had a list of words, and they


had to sound out the words listed and put them into the correct vowel sound. Finally (D)


Vocabulary with the teacher. Last, the students worked one-on-one with the teacher on their


weekly vocabulary words.


In my option, the way a teacher manages their classroom can be the key to their success.


When I saw Ms. Tretten demonstrates leadership in her class, her students would mirror her.


What I mean by that is they would mirror action and do exactly what she was doing they also


gave her so much respect when she would be explaining what they had to do. I was honestly


shocked with how much they valued her; I?m saying this because I have never seen students of


their age group give an adult respect, and I was impressed. When it was time for them to do their


four rotations she used her one-on-one time with her students wisely. She made sure she had


about 5 minutes with each student. Throughout this session that I observed her and the TA were


able to maintain discipline and control of the whole class.


Once the ?Core and Guided Reading Block? started in Ms. Tretten first-grade classroom


spit into the four rotations. The teacher would call the students one at a time to go over their


vocabulary words. While a student was working with the teacher they had to read the vocabulary


words aloud; and if they didn?t understand the word they had to practice sounding the word out.


The students that were on the carpet doing partner reading they had to read aloud to one another


and vice versa. Seeing the students divided up into these different groups shows that the teacher


understands that her students have various learning abilities; and that she can adapt to their [SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS] 4


different learning styles. In conclusion, I enjoyed observing her class; it has also ensured me that


becoming a first-grade teacher might be the right grade for me to teach. [SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS] 5


References Stevens, K., & EssayCracker. (2016, September 22). Course Hero. Retrieved September 25,


2016, from CourseHero,


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