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(solution) Hello, The local issue I selected was substance abuse/drugs. The


The local issue I selected was substance abuse/drugs. The person I am writing to is Carol A. Williamson, the Chief Academic Officer. Address is 200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.  I have attached the issue I wrote about for the Week 8 forum, as well as the example for the letter template. I will fill out the top of the letter with my personal information/address once the assignment is done. Thank you!!!


Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, write a letter to someone related to the local issue you highlighted on the week 8 forum. You don?t need to provide your return address for the assignment, but you?ll need to include it if you decide to send your letter. Provide the name and mailing address of one person you could contact regarding the local issue at the top of your submission. Then write a four paragraph letter using this format:


Paragraph 1: introduce yourself and explain the problem;


Paragraph 2: explain the relevant history of the problem (cite your sources);


Paragraph 3: explain concepts and theories related to the problem (cite your sources); and,


Paragraph 4: propose possible solutions and explain what you want this person to do.


Your letter should have a professional tone and look. Add legitimacy to your claims by providing citations using the Turabian style (required). Use 12 pitch, Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. Include your last name in your file name and upload your work in a .doc or .docx file by Sunday of week 8. A template is attached for your convenience.


It is up to you whether or not you send the letter, but you are encouraged to do so. Civic engagement is crucial in democratic societies.





Exemplary       16-20

Accomplished 11-15

Developing        6-10

Beginning          0-5


Paragraph 1: Clear, but detailed explanation of the problem






Paragraph 2: Detailed history that demonstrates an appropriate level of research






Paragraph 3: Critical thinking and demonstration of knowledge






Paragraph 4: Critical thinking and detailed solutions






Writing Mechanics and Citations













The topic that I decided to address for the week eight forum is substance abuse in society. This


can range from anything like tobacco, alcohol, to illegal drugs and prescription pill abuse.


Substance use and abuse has been prevalent in our local communities as well as the world for a


long, long time. In fact, nearly 21 million Americans over the age of twelve had a substance


abuse problem in 2015 (Livescience, 2016). Roughly three out of four had a substance use


disorder with alcohol, and about one in three had a substance use disorder related to drugs


(Livescience, 2016). Another startling fact, is the costs associated with substance abuse.


Annually it is costing about $700 billion in regards to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit


drugs as it affects our nation (Drugabuse, 2016). Worldwide drug statistics show that around 149


and 271 million people used an illicit drug once in 2009 (Treatmentsolutions, 2016). This shows


just how large of an impact this has on society from locally to globally. I have personally seen


the effects of drug abuse and substance abuse within my family. Luckily they are trying to turn


their lives around now, but I remember how they would be a completely different person and


would spend all of their money either on alcohol or drugs.


The sale, distribution and use of drugs are monitored by many governing authorities, which may


vary country to country, but the common thing is most of the governing authorities restrict the


drugs usage, sales and distribution in their respective countries. There are entities such as the


Drug Enforcement Agency are battling the trafficking and selling of illegal drugs across the


states. Another agency that is actively seeking to protect the community is the Bureau of


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Without these agencies actively patrolling and seeking to stop


the abuse of these substances, we would be spiraling out of control in my opinion. The problem


however, are the drug cartels, the tobacco companies, and alcohol companies that are fueling the


abuse and usage. Tobacco and alcohol companies also reach their audience through television


ads and radio, which makes it that much harder to battle. I feel the most important thing to focus


on is the prevention of illegal drugs, as it is better than curing the drug abuse in different ways.


Prevention programs should address the type of drug abuse problem in the local community.


Family based prevention programs should enhance family bonding and relationships and include


parenting skills; practice in developing, discussing, and enforcing family policies on substance


abuse. Luckily our government and local state authorities are aware of the issue, and have


programs and law enforcement in place to try and battle this epidemic. References:


"Drug Use in America: What the Numbers Say." LiveScience. September 8, 2016. Accessed


September 20, 2016.


"Trends & Statistics." National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). August 2015. Accessed


September 20, 2016.


"Worldwide Drug Statistics - Treatment Solutions." Treatment Solutions. January 09, 2012.


Accessed September 20, 2016.


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