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(solution) Assignment #1 Due Tuesday, Sept 20 at 3:30 pm COMP1006/1406 -

i need help on my assignment, its in java and i have no clue on what to do, this is my first assignment and i've been trying to work on it for a while now but i could'nt, i thought of not submitting it but i thought of giving it a shot and try to get help, i have attached all files needed for it. please i really need help

Assignment #1 Due Tuesday, Sept 20 at 3:30 pm COMP1006/1406 ? Fall 2016


Submit a single file called to cuLearn.


There are 30 marks possible marks.


In assignment specifications, text appearing like this represents things that a user


types when running or using a program. Text that appears like this represents output


from your program. 1: Final Grade Computation [10 marks]


Write a program that computes a final grade, as specified in the course outline using the


four term marks: assignments, tutorials, midterma and final exam.


The four term marks will be provided to the program via command line arguments (values passed to the program when you run the program from the console window in DrJava)


and will always be given in the same order: A, T, M, F.


è Starting with the skeleton program provided,, add code to the computeGrade


and roundGrade methods so that the program outputs to standard output (System.out) the


correct final grade. Do not change the main method. Your program will output a single line


with the computed final grade rounded to exactly one decimal place. The grades provided


from the command line can be integers or decimal numbers (all are given as a percentage).


To allow for possible bonus marks, valid percentages can range from 0.0 to 105.0. The


roundGrade function will take a double and return a string that represents that number


rounded to exactly one decimal place.


Add comments, whitespace, and indentation to the code so that the entire file (,


not just the functions you are completing, follows the style guide. Marks will be deducted if


you do not follow the style guide.


Examples: From the console window in DrJava (or from a shell),


java Grades 78.1 63.2 80.3 78 will output the single line 77.2


java Grades 50 105 50 50 will output the single line 55.5


java Grades 105 105 1 98 will output the single line 49.5 Testing: Create and submit another program called GradesTesting, that tests your Grades


program. For each test case, your program should display the input (grades), the expected


output of your program and the actual output. For example, a single test case might look like


String input = {"78.1", "63.2", "80.3", "78" };


System.out.println("Test 0: " + java.util.Arrays.toString(input)); System.out.println(" Expected answer is 77.2");


System.out.println(" Answer obtained is " + Grades.main(input)); COMP1006/1406 - Fall 2016 1 Assignment #1 Due Tuesday, Sept 20 at 3:30 pm Your testing program should also follow the style guide. In particular, be sure you


describe (in comments) each test case (or group of test cases). The expected and actual


output should line up nicely on the screen.


Mark breakdown: 3 marks for Style, 3 marks for Testing, 4 marks for Correctness


Include both your and files in your submission file. 2: Grade Conversion [10 marks]


è In the provided file, complete the two methods: convertToLetter and


convertToGradePoint. The interface (specification) of the methods are given below.


public static String convertToLetter(double grade)


/* Purpose: converts a given numerical grade to a letter grade


* Input : a number


* output : the letter grade (F, D-, D, ..., A+) corresponding to the




input grade if the input is valid, "Invalid" otherwise *






*/ public static int convertToGradePoint(String letterGrade)


/* Purpose: converts a given leter grade to its equivalent grade point


* Input : A valid letter grade in the range D- to A+ (no F?s)


* output : The grade point corresponding to the input letter grade




Use 0 for F and -1 for Invalid input


* Note


: you MUST use a switch/case for this method *








*/ The conversion table is given as follows






















Invalid Grade Range


[90, 100]


[85, 90)


[80, 85)


[77, 80)


[73, 77)


[70, 73)


[67, 70)


[63, 67)


[60, 63)


[57, 60)


[53, 57)


[50, 53)


[0, 50)


other Grade Point




























-1 Note that the range [a, b) means any number x such that a ? x < b. That is, square


brackets mean inclusive and parentheses mean exclusive.


Mark breakdown: 2 marks for Style, 8 marks for Correctness COMP1006/1406 - Fall 2016 2 Assignment #1 Due Tuesday, Sept 20 at 3:30 pm Put your file in your file. Examples:


returns Convert.convertToLetter(60.0) ????? Creturns Convert.convertToGradePoint("C-") ????? 4


returns Convert.convertToLetter(49.9) ????? F


returns Convert.convertToGradePoint("F") ????? 0 3: Longest Streak [10 marks]


è In the provided file, complete the following method: public static


/* Purpose :




* Inputs :


* Outputs :












* int longestStreak(boolean values)


computes the length and locations of all the maximal


sequences of consecutive true occurrences in values


values is a non-null array of booleans with length at least 1


outputs an integer array with one or more elements


- first element is the length of a maximal sequence of


consecutive trues in the input array values


- the next elements are the indexes of the starting points


(in the input array values) of each of the maximal


sequences of consecutive trues


if there are no true values in the input array, output [0] *


















*/ Do not change the method signature (use the provided skeleton java file). Changing the method modifiers,


return type, name or input arguments will result in zero correctness marks for this problem.


Mark breakdown: 2 for style, 8 for correctness


Put your file in your file.




boolean test case = {true, false, true, false, true};


returns LongestStreak.longestStreak( test case ) ????? [1,0,2,4]


test case = new boolean{false, false, false, true, true};


returns LongestStreak.longestStreak( test case ) ????? [2,3] Submission Recap


A complete assignment will consist of a single file ( with the following four (4) files


included:,,, and COMP1006/1406 - Fall 2016 3


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