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(solution) Final Project-The Civil Rights Movement The Equality Rights

Final ProjectYour Final Project will be a Powerpoint presentation that focuses on a movement/group/campaign that you can see yourself being part of. It can be an existing one, or you can create one. You will define how you can contribute and why. When making your choice, you MUST refer to the definitions of social movements in your text (starting on page 134) and make sure what you have chosen fits the criteria. If not, please ask me or your TA about your idea. THIS IS THE #1 THING LEFT OUT OF PAPERS THAT RESULTS IN AN AUTOMATIC 3-POINTDEDUCTION!What your presentation should include: 3-4 slides--description of the movement you have chosen or created. This should assist the viewer in understanding some brief history of this movement, and it's current impact (if any). If you are creating a new movement, you will want to give some historical context and cite other movements that have influenced your choice. Describe what kind of movement it is, as stated in the directions above and on page 134. YouMUST reference the text. 3-4 slides--description of why you chose or created this movement. This section should focus in on you and your connection to this movement. Inform the viewer of why you chose this movement, your personal beliefs on the issue, and/or the type of social change you hope to accomplish.3-4 slides--your role or contribution. This section should delve into the organizational aspects of the movement. Share how you see yourself involved and explicitly state your role or how you'd like to contribute. 3-4 slides--how you're going to help initiate change. This section is about your action plan. How are you going to do what you propose doing? Explain/show the specific parts of your plan. (You can combine 3 & 4, as there may be a lot of overlap) 3-4 slides--how you envision the future (with the assistance of this movement). If all goes as you envision, what will the future look like? What will be different and how will this movement sustain itself in the long term? + 1 reference slide (not included in minimum/maximum) 15-slide MINIMUM, 20-slide MAXIMUM While this is an approximation of how many slides per section, YOU MUST CLEARLY LABEL YOUR SLIDES SO THAT IT'S OBVIOUS THAT EACH SECTION WAS COVERED.FOLLOW THE RUBRIC BELOW!!!ReferencesMake sure to review the Sources and Citations tutorial in the navigation bar This is a research-based projectYou MUST use at least THREE different sources and cite them appropriatelyYour text does NOT count as one of your source, nor does ANY textbookAt least TWO sources must be from peer-reviewed sources; they can't all be websites. You can download articles off the internet and that is fine because that is still considered a literary sources (because it's an article). One of your three sources cannot be your text since you MUST cite it, as stated in "About your project." Branch out and find research on your specific topic. Sources to use:Read this: Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Literature vs. Popular Literature Scholarly books Scholarly websites that site their sources with full references Primary and Secondary Resources (Relevant) Movies and documentaries (ask first) may be used for ONE of your THREE SOURCE Other media (ask first) may be used for ONE of your THREE SOURCEYou may use popular literature for ONE of your THREE sources, i.e. Time Magazine, New York TimesCheck theFAQs for more info You must state how your choice is a movement (reference your text) You MUST have a reference slide at the endALL YOUR CITATIONS MUST BE IN APA FORMATSources NOT to use(IF YOU USE ANY OF THESE, YOU WILL GET AN AUTOMATIC5-POINT DEDUCTION PER SOURCE)Wikipedia Tabloid magazines Internet sources that do not citetheir sources Sites that anyone can edit TV shows (documentaries, okay, but ask first)Presentation TipsPer the rubric below, there are20-points dedicated to "Process Components" or graphics and media. You MUST include these elements.If you include a video LABEL IT AS A VIDEO. Type "VIDEO" above or below it. Sometimes it appears to just be a picture. Powerpoint enables you to include images and media and expand creative expression of your mastery. INCLUDE THEM! However, sometimes it does not give you enough space to convey clear messages or include a lot of text. Suggestions include:Be concise. Get to the point and focus on the salient issues for the educated reader. These are for your peers and instructor, not the novice audience. Have images and text share space so that pictures or media links are not "dangling" without explanation.Check the examples in Week 5Follow the rubric below!Print the rubric below as a pdf document <-------I highly recommend this! Use it as your check list.Presentation ComponentUnacceptable 0 PointsAcceptable 1-3 PointGood 4-7 PointsExcellent 8-10 PointsContent ComponentContent: presentation of the topic, agenda outlinedNo introduction or overview, background or agendaUnclear overview/agenda and background; did not include definition of social movement and did not connect topic of choice to a movementOverview/agenda and background are present, but could be more complete or articulated better; did not include definition of social movement and/or did not connect topic of choice to a movementClear purpose, overview, and agenda; relevant & clear; included definition of social movement and connected topic of choice to a movement as defined in the course textCompletion: answered the outlined questionsDid not complete the outlined project tasksCompleted <50% of outlined project tasksCompleted > 50% <100% of outlined project tasks; slide structure not followed exactlyCompleted 100% of outlined project tasks, which includes answering each question completely and followed outlined slide structure (3-4 per section) and total length requirementsVocabulary: appropriate and well constructed use of terms and conceptsLittle or no attempt to include terms or conceptsLanguage is overly colloquial; sounds as if it's "spoken" versus well-written; use of slangGood use of terms but some awkward sentence structure and typosExcellent word choice, well constructed ideas with stellar fluencyReferences: Used and cited appropriate sourcesNo references; included "do not use" sourcesIncluded only one source; no reference page; or references are unreliable sourcesIncluded 2 references, and/or did not include a literary source; has a reference pageIncluded at least 3 references, with two being peer-reviewed literary sources; cited them appropriately; had a reference slideProcess ComponentsGraphics: attractive & balanced layout, legible fontNo graphics (may be appropriate in some cases) and no picturesGraphics present but poor quality (illegible, inconsistent, etc.; minimal picture/images includedGraphics are somewhat plain; images are present, but not well laid out; pictures support the theme but do not substantially enhance the written textWell-designed and attractive graphics on each page that summarize key ideas; numerous pictures/image that showcase thoughtful representations of major themes and are on eachpageMedia: appropriate media material includedNo media includedMinimal media and commentary (on media)Good/appropriate media portrayals, mediocre discussion connection to topicExcellent media choices, includes at least THREEpieces of media that support the topic well, i.e. video, hyperlinks, and/or music (sometimes we can't hear it, so make sure you have some other indication that that there should be music)


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