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(solution) MBA660 CASE PREPARATION SHEET OUTLINE Use this outline to prepare

Please help me solve this case study.

1. After reading the case please, prepare a case prep sheet as per the format attached. It should be of one page and all the sections should be answered in bullet points. Details are already given in the format that is attached.
2. Also prepare an executive summary of the case 



Use this outline to prepare your weekly case preparation sheets. This should server as both a


guide to doing the analysis and a guide to communicating your analysis to others. The purpose is


to help you outline the breadth of the problem and in communicating to me that you have a grasp


of the case study and have developed a recommendation that is supported by your analysis.


Your submission must be no longer than one page, single spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins. Use


an outline form and bullet points to succinctly get your points across. This will not represent all


you do in your analysis; it is simply all the space you have to communicate your analysis. You?ll


find the one page limit very constraining at first, but you?ll come to like it, as students have in


the past. Note how much information I have provided in just this one page.


Note: use these headings to organize and outline your analysis.


A. Issue(s), - answer the question I asked! Decipher the problems that require immediate action,


but are perhaps symptomatic, from those that are more basic and fundamental to the underlying


problems in the case, which will by definition require greater effort. Basic issues encompass a


greater scope and take more time, but will ultimately address the real underlying problems.


B. Analysis ? apply framework(s) or concept(s) from that week?s readings to the case study. The


frameworks and concepts are there to help you organize your analysis, by guiding your analysis,


i.e. deciding what is important and how things fit together. This will inform ways in which the


current situation can be altered through various means.


C. Alternatives ? you must generate at least three alternative approaches to resolving the issues


you have identified. The alternatives should each make sense, given your analysis of the data and


application of some framework from the readings. Each should truly be an alternative proposal


(not simply a smaller or greater variation of another alternative).


D. Decision Criteria ?identify the criteria you will use in selection of an alternative which you


will propose as an alternative to the protagonist. There is seldom a single important criterion, so


prioritize those you identify and make sure you justify your answer.


E. Assessment of Alternatives ? how does each alternative stack up to the criteria you have


outlined. What evidence from the case data can you apply? In other words, support your answer


with evidence from the case and a sound argument as to each alternative?s viability.


F. Recommendation ? identify your proposed course of action and identify what you consider the


Predicted Outcome. To what degree this will address the issues outlined in A?


G. Implementation Plan ?provide your suggestions and estimates as to Who should be involved,


How they should proceed and What they should do. Provide your thoughts and suggestions


regarding Timing and what are the important Milestones in this effort.


H. Assumptions and/or Missing Information ? case studies provide a finite amount of


information and you?re not expected to conduct research on the case outside of what is provided.


If certain information was missing, it might have influenced your analysis and decision, and so


you may have had to make some assumptions. Tell me what they are.


Remember: Use this as both guide to how you conduct the analysis of the case, apply and


integrate the ideas from the articles in your analysis, and organize your submission. 1


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