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(solution) Grammer check and edit by 3-page essay! I also need to write 1 to

Grammer check and edit by 3-page essay! I also need to write 1 to two sentences in conclusion.

Potter 1 Aspen Potter


Professor Feinauer


Monday, September 19, 2016


Literacy Autobiography


I view literacy as being able to purposefully understand and communicate


something to someone else. A literate person is able to read and write, understand what


they are reading and writing, and is able to clearly communicate to others those same


ideas through reading and writing. There are several experiences from my life that has


shaped my definition and beliefs of literacy. My family and background has had the most


influence on my literacy beliefs. In this essay I will explain how they have affected me


and my definition of literacy today.


My family has always been considered a reading family. Instead of watching TV


together, we read together. Our library we have at home is vast and full of books of all


sorts of genres. I remember both of my parents always encouraging me to read when I


was younger. When I come home for the Holiday?s and see how much my younger


brothers are improving in their readings I know that the same encouragement for literacy


is being applied to them as well.


One of my earliest memories of reading is with my family during our nightly


family scripture study. We would gather together in our living room every night, well


mostly every night, sports sometimes got in the way in a family of 5, and would read a


chapter of the Book of Mormon together. I remember getting so excited for my turn to


read and once I could read I would race through it as fast as I could. I?m not sure why I


wanted to read so quickly, but I one time I was reading through the words so hurriedly Potter 2


that when I was done and my mom asked what I had learned I couldn?t remember a single


thing. I was so embarrassed, if I could read then why couldn?t I remember anything I had


just read out loud. This definitely shaped a big part of my literacy definition, being able


to understand what I am reading and/or writing. Even if one can read, if they are reading


to fast to understand what they are reading, like I was, then they are not considered




Another early memory I have with my family, specifically my mother, is a poetry


contest I entered when I was 8 years old. For Mothers Day our teacher had us write


poems that we could give to our mothers. My teacher had liked mine so much that she


suggested that I enter it in to the ?Why My Mother Deserves a Diamond Contest?. A


couple weeks later she received a letter stating I had won my mom a beautiful stone


necklace. It wasn?t a diamond, but I was still so excited to give my poem and the


necklace to my mom. I took the letter home and remember how proud she was of me. We


went that weekend to the jewelry store so she could pick out her necklace and finally read


the poem I worked so hard on. I was expecting my mom to be more excited about the


necklace, but when we arrived to the store and she read my poem she cried she was so


happy. I think she would have been perfectly fine without winning a necklace, she just


loved what I had written and the way I communicated to her so much more than a piece


of jewelry. This event shaped my definition of literacy, being literate is being able to


communicate ideas to others. With my poem I was able to communicate to my mom how


much I cared about and loved her, which in the end was more moving than a beautiful


expensive necklace. Potter 3


Another part of my family life that has affected my literacy is my home library.


Growing up my parents always stressed reading and one of the biggest ways they did that


was always having an at home library. The library in my current house takes up a full


bedroom, with thousands of books lining the shelves. Although some of the books are off


limits to the younger kids because of expensive they were, my dad always loved buying


the collectors set, we always had a variety of books to choose from. From the young


children?s books like Cat in the Hat, Bob Books, and Where the Wild Things Are to adult


books like Lord of the Rings, we had it all. My favorites when I was younger were the


Magic Tree House Books. After school I could always be found in our library on our


giant beanbag engrossed in another story. The way my parents made books so accessible


to my family to where we didn?t even have to leave our house to go to a library helped


and strengthened my literacy. Since I was constantly able to read and enjoy reading, the


environment was so peaceful and comfortable, I was able to practice and grow everyday.


One final part of my life that has helped my literacy and my definition of literacy


is my parent?s love for reading. They love reading so much that they have always


considered great presents books. Instead of getting the brand new Xbox games for


Christmas, like most of my friends, we would get books and be just as excited about it.


Their love for reading transferred to us and we soon fell in love with it too. Now for


Christmas and birthdays I find myself asking for the newest books. I can fully thank my


parents for my love for books and I am forever grateful for my love for literacy. When I


have my own family I will make it of the upmost importance to add our own library to


our house and teach my children my love for books and reading.


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