(solution) i need a 2 page paper written on the subject below. This paper is

(solution) i need a 2 page paper written on the subject below. This paper is

i need a 2 page paper written on the subject below. This paper is to be a continuation of one that was written before this one.  I am including the PMI book also a paper written prior to this one. In the paper please answer the following questions listed below. In apa format. 

Control Stakeholder Engagement

·  Using the required sources of information, write a paper discussing the “Manage Stakeholder Engagement” and “Control Stakeholder Engagement” processes in project management. Each source of material must be referenced at least once within the body of your paper.

·  Provide an overview of the processes.

·  Discuss the stated and implied importance of the “Manage Stakeholder Engagement” and “Control Stakeholder Engagement” processes to project management.

·  Discuss whether or not you agree with PMI’s decision to add the processes to a new knowledge area within the PMBOK® Guide. Provide an explanation/ justification of your position.

Running head: PLAN STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT Plan Stakeholder Management
Michael Lofquist
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Effective Communications for Managing Projects
PMGT 502
Dr. Sunday Igoni PhD, MBA, PMP
September 10, 2016 1 PLAN STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT 2 Plan Stakeholder Management
Plan Stakeholder Management is the process of developing appropriate management
strategies to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, based on the
analysis of their needs, interests, and potential impact on project success. The key benefit of this
process is that it provides a clear, actionable plan to interact with project stakeholders to support
the project's interests. (PMBOK® guide)
When using a stakeholder management plan, concentrate on how you will use the tools
such as graphs, tables, calendars and any other tool that helps with planning and on time delivery
of the project. The first step in the planning process is reviewing the template and ensuring that
you are comfortable with the three main areas of stakeholder management. When you are
comfortable with those areas, the planning process becomes much easier. Your focus turns to
completing the tools on hand and working through the stakeholder management process.
To ensure the correct level of engagement being achieved by each stakeholder, the Project
Manager will analyze current levels of engagement by using the PMBOK Stakeholders
Engagement Assessment Matrix. As noted in the Stakeholder Analysis Register, each
stakeholder group shall be assessed in terms of their current and desired level of engagement. Stakeholder Unaware Resistant Neutral Supportive Leading Stakeholder Management Plan and associated documents are not fixed they are living
documents that continue to change and need to be updated throughout the life cycle of the
project. (Dow & Taylor, 2015) The stakeholders identified and their information documented in PLAN STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT 3 the Stakeholder Analysis Register will be reviewed at least weekly to ensure the plan is meeting
project expectations and to make modifications if required.
Early identification and communication with stakeholders is essential to ensure the
success of the project the need for gaining support and input from the other team members of the
project is imperative for project success. By establishing early and frequent communication,
stakeholder management can more effectively manage and balance these interests while
accomplishing all project tasks. ("Stakeholder," 2015) PLAN STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT
Dow, W., & Taylor, B. (2015). Planning project communications. In Project Management
Communication Tools (1 ed. [Adobe Digital Edition].
PMBOK 5th Edition. (2013). In A guide to project management body of knowledge (5th).
Project management institute PMI website. (2016). http://www.pmi.org/About-Us/About-UsWhat-is-Project-Management.aspx
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