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Hi, can anybody help me with assignment 2 on technical analysis? i've been given task to do bollinger bands and analyse one type of stock. 





Trimester 1, 2016/2017 ASSIGNMENT 1 (SIMULATION INVESTMENT) ? 10 Marks


First of all, this is an individual simulation investment assignment. For each


student, you are given RM100,000.00 as initial fund for you to invest. You are advised to


use the most profitable investment techniques to maximise the portfolio?s return. You


either role play as an investor or a remisier. You cannot change your role after you have


decided on your role played in this simulation investment.


The simulation investment starts on 27/6/2016 (Monday?Week 2) and ends on


15/9/2016 (Thursday-Week 12). Please DO NOT keep any stocks/securities in hand


once the simulation ends.


Any transaction has to go through remisier. There will be one (1) remisier from each


group. HOWEVER, the remisier cannot ACCEPT ORDER(S)/TRANSACTIONS


from its OWN GROUP. There will be RM10,000.00 penalty for each offence made.


Remisier has to make sure that your client will have sufficient fund and in good financial


position before any stock transaction by verifying for the fund available in which they


have. You are encouraged to have more than one client. Please follow the commission


rates as stipulated in the Bursa Malaysia and provide good advice to your client(s).


Please follow the commissions rates (currently is 0.6% for each transacted value, but the


minimum transaction cost is RM40.00) as stipulated by Bursa Malaysia. Please only


consider the brokerage commissions costs and at the same time, ignore other transaction


costs such as clearing fees, stamp duty, GST and etc. involved.


You can only execute any email transactions FOUR (4 times) in EACH DAY and PER


REMISIER, that is twice (2) in each morning and afternoon session. In one (1) email


transaction to remisier, you (investor) can buy many different shares and sell many


shares (if you have already bought them). You are advised to use the most profitable


investment techniques and strategies to maximise the portfolio?s return. You can invest in


any types of financial assets. NO CONTRA PURCHASE IS ALLOWED IN THIS




AT ONE TIME can be purchased is 100,000 shares or (100,000/100 = 1000 LOTS) 1 FINAL PROGRESS REPORT (to be submitted & sample format)


You are required to submit ONE (1) FINAL progress report of your stock investment


performance to your group leader (investment manager). The leader (investment


manager) shall compile the file and then submit the compile the final report to me and


TOGETHER show the group performance in one (1) page summary with student names,


IDs and funds available in the cover page.


As a group member, please kindly check with your leader about your submission. I DO


NOT ACCEPT INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSION! The final report dues on 21 Sept 2016 (Thursday). Please INCLUDE COMMISIONS EARNED BY THE


GROUP?S REMISIER in the report. (Note: Please indicate clearly fund


available for each student and commission earned for the remisier in the COVER


PAGE-prepared by the group leader)


Then, Please belong to the same group as in the Assignment 2 below. The


leader in Assignment 2 will be the leader (investment manager). You are NOT allowed to


change the group once the simulation has started. Any late submission will NOT be


entertained. Please prepare the final report either in MS WORD or MS EXCEL. The


information and the format required in the final report are as follows:


Example (sample of final report of the transactions): Student name: Lai *Pls note that shares in Bursa Malaysia (formerly known as KLSE) are traded at 1 lot = 100 shares.


** Pls make sure your transactions are done within normal trading hours (9.00 a.m. ?


12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. ? 5.00p.m. on Monday to Friday).


*** No calculation and typing errors are permitted. Once error is occurred and


identified in the report which had already submitted, 5 marks shall be deducted. No


tolerance and negotiation will be considered. This is to ensure that prudence and careful


working practices are cultivated in investments and workplace.


If you are found of violating the rule, or conduct or attempt to conduct any manipulation


or dishonest activities, you and your entire group members will get zero mark for this


assignment. Meanwhile, a penalty of RM 10,000.00 to RM100, 000.00 will be imposed


to any offence during the investment period. Any three offences will disqualify the group


in this simulation assignment.


2 All investors are required to refer to the relevant websites for the quotation of latest stock


market prices. For example, Please use the done or


last prices as transaction prices. Another useful website is Bursa Marketplace,


Each investor is encouraged to report to me any dishonesty activity during this entire


simulation investment project. Please use ONLY e-mail as the mode of communication


for this purpose. Any disputes or grievance will be e-mail to me and it will be solved


within one-day internal court at the end of the simulation assignment. Group Presentation (Assignment 1: Simulation Investment) - 3 marks


The group presentation covers the simulation investment performance for each investor


in the group besides remisier performance, the investment strategies, success story,


lessons learnt as well as recommendation for the investment simulation (if any). ASSIGNMENT 2 (TECHNICAL ANALYSIS) ? 7 Marks


It is hoped that this assignment would make learning more effective and fun. Each


student in the group in the BFN2114 class is required to do ONE (1) graph/chart or


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. For example, if you have 5 students in a group, then,


preferably FIVE(5) different technical trading rules/indicators for FIVE (5)


different STOCKS AND/OR INDICES from FIVE (5) different students for the year


2016 on either daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. The technical indicator


used and the stock chosen has to vary from student to student in the same group. The group has to prepare a formal written report of the technical analysis. The guidelines


are as follows:






iii. iv. One (1) page for each stock with charts/graphs is highly recommended.


A brief and precise write-up for each technical analysis of the stock/index is




The length of the each report shall NOT exceed one (1) page per project


member including charts/graphs (single or double spacing) excluding appendices.


Citation of the references or sources of the materials is required in the report. If


you fail to do so, penalty will be imposed.


The group leader needs to compile all the reports prepared by its project members. The due date for submitting the report falls on 21 Sept 2016 (week 13), THURSDAY by 5.00 p.m.. The typing instructions for the report are as follows:


Font type: Times New Roman; font size: 12; margin 1 inch (left, right, top, and bottom).


Hints: Information needed for this assignment can be obtained from the Thomson Financial Datastream


database,, (The Edge),


yahoo finance,, online databases, local daily newspaper, company


websites, business magazines, and more. 3


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