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(solution) MKTG 508 CHAPTER 19 QUIZ (LATEST 2016)

Question QUESTION 1 1. The practice of using call centers, where employees receive calls from customers and provide service by taking orders and answering queries, is called ________. customer response marketing guerilla marketing rective marketing internal marketing inbound telemarketing 5 points QUESTION 2 1. Which of the following is a disadvantage of direct marketing? invasion of privacy inability to build brand awareness low chances of customers avoiding messages inability to control marketing communication inability to maintain information security 5 points QUESTION 3 1. ________ is another form of word of mouth that encourages consumers to pass along company-developed products and services or audio, video, or written information to others online. Buzz marketing Viral marketing Guerrilla marketing Motivational marketing Internal marketing 5 points QUESTION 4 1. A salesperson who relies on creative methods for selling a company's tangible or intangible offerings is called a(n) ________. mand creator deliverer order taker missionary solution vendor 5 points QUESTION 5 1. In outbound telemarketing, the call center employees ________. sell high-involvement products initiate calls from a location closer to prospects offer huge discounts to customers initiate calls to prospects and customers answer the queries of consumers who call for information 5 points QUESTION 6 1. Part-time paid employees who work exclusively for the company are a part of the ________ sales force. direct virtual contractual implicit brokered 5 points QUESTION 7 1. OrdOnline, a pure click company offering online auctioning, decides to launch a promotional program to increase its sales. The company identifies customers who have made at least three purchases and spent at least $150 in the past six months and offers discount coupons to these customers. Which of the following strategies is used here for targeting the customers? viral marketing objective screening internal targeting catalog marketing RFM formula targeting 5 points QUESTION 8 1. Fixed compensation receives more emphasis in sales rep jobs with ________. a high ratio of selling to nonselling duties a high requirement for individual initiatives an intensive focus on selling activities very little need for teamwork technical complexities 5 points QUESTION 9 1. Which of the following is a major advantage of using direct mails? Direct mails permit target market selectivity. It is the best suited tool for selling complex products. Campaign testing is not needed for direct mails. Direct mails have very high conversion rates. It is the best method to sell industrial products. 5 points QUESTION 10 1. A salesperson who is contacting possible buyers by mail or phone to assess their level of interest and financial capacity is in the ________ step of the selling process. preapproach prospecting qualifying following up objection handling 5 points QUESTION 11 1. A salesperson performing over the counter sales in a medical store can be referred to as a(n) ________. order taker demand creator solution vendor phisher missionary 5 points QUESTION 12 1. A sales representative whose expertise is in unraveling customers' problem is called a(n) ________. order taker missionary technician solution vendor demand creator 5 points QUESTION 13 1. Which of the following is an example of a company that serves a niche market? a large apparel manufacturing company that produces a wide range of products for different segments a software company that creates standardized supply chain applications for manufacturers a manufacturer who creates tools such as bolts, latches, door handles etc. for left-handed individuals a large multi-national manufacturer of consumer products, FMCG products, and consumer electronics a company that manufactures denim pants for men and women of all ages 5 points QUESTION 14 1. The management of Raleigh Bicycles observes that the company's selling costs are affected by the increased number of visits that the salespeople make to meet dealers. The company decides to reduce its personal selling costs by making sales calls to dealers via the telephone. This marketing strategy used by Raleigh is an example of ________. inbound telemarketing search marketing internal marketing outbound telemarketing paid-search marketing 5 points QUESTION 15 1. The catalog you receive from a large apparel store, displaying their new summer collection, is an example of ________ marketing. buzz direct virtual word of mouth interactive 5 points QUESTION 16 1. Twitter is a Web site that allows users to publish micro comments. It allows users to create accounts and publish short messages not exceeding 140 characters. Interested people can follow a person's twitter account and the messages published by him. Many celebrities in the United States are active tweeters and have a number of followers. Twitter is an example of a ________. social network blog wiki microsite microblog 5 points QUESTION 17 1. A company uses sales representatives for selling the company's more complex and customized products to large accounts, while using inside salespeople and Web ordering for low-end selling. Which of the following describes the company's sales force best? demand creators direct marketing force missionary sellers technical salesforce leveraged salesforce 5 points QUESTION 18 1. A salesperson sends e-mails to persuade prospects to buy the products of his company. This is a type of ________ marketing. buzz virtual word of mouth direct viral 5 points QUESTION 19 1. Which of the following is a factor considered when a customer is evaluated based on RFM formula? the amount of time passed after the customer's last visit the product categories purchased by the customer the mode of payment used by the customer the location from which the customer has bought goods the type of feedback provided by the customer 5 points QUESTION 20 1. Identify the first step in the workload approach to establish sales force size. grouping customers into size classes according to annual sales volume establishing desirable call frequencies for each customer class determining the total workload for the country in terms of sales calls per year determining the average number of calls a sales representative can make per year calculating the total number of sales reps needed


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