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(solution) Hi tutors, I have an assignment that really need help with, it an

Hi tutors, I have an assignment that really need help with, it an object biography, here is the task description

As ethnographers, one of the ways we can understand globalisation is by considering aspects of everyday life and material culture that are shaped by the political, economic and cultural forces of globalisation.

For this assignment, you will choose an object of material culture, such as a product we eat or drink, or something we wear or use in everyday life, and research and write a biography of that object. To do this, you will compile ethnographic data on how the object is used and considered, along with text-based information on the contexts in which it is produced and traded.

After you have decided on the object you wish to study, the research process can be divided into three steps, as follows:

Step 1: conduct a short field-work study of how the object is used or consumed locally. For example, if you decide to do a biography on coffee, you might begin by observing a context in which people drink coffee, and making field notes about what you observe. This information will form the basis of one part of your biography. It will probably make up about a page of your object biography and it does not matter whether you put this section at the beginning or the end of your biography. You decide, based on how it fits in with the information about where and how the object is produced.

When you write up your field observations, make sure to include details about where and when you made your observations, who and what you observed, some of the observations you made, and also the conclusions you can draw (from this observation) about how the object is used/functions within society.

Step 2: search the literature for information related to the way that your object is produced, including the implications of its production for the people who produce it, the environment and communities in which it is produced, and the economic practices that shape the way the object is traded. Read the relevant papers and make notes about the content, including your responses to what you are reading and your own ideas and understandings about it.

Step 3: write up your biography, making sure to include an analysis of how the object is used/consumed locally, as well as information and analysis derived from asking the following questions:

  • Where and how is it produced?
  • Who produces it?
  • How is it used and considered by the people who produce it?
  • How is it traded, both locally and globally?
  • Who controls the trade and who benefits most from the trade?
  • What impact does its production and trade have on physical, social and cultural environments, locally and/or globally?



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