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(solution) need desperate help anyone can help me out i am not skilled in

need desperate help anyone can help me out i am not skilled in presesntations and i have started a rough draft of the paper but I am so lost and comfused on how to finish this and I have only three days! I have three attached files my rough draft to the paper is one of them and the directions and focus group. __ thanks in advance desperate mom

PSY331 Final Assessment Scenario


The final assessment for this course is a Final Written Assignment and a short Presentation,


pitching your paper?s ideas. The purpose of the paper is for you to cultivate and apply the


learning you have achieved in the course by presenting and teaching the information to others in


the workforce. The purpose of your Final Assessment will be to ?sell your idea? of how to train


the material to your assigned employee group to your ?boss? (instructor) through the use of a


screencast presentation. The Final Written Assignment represents 25% of the overall course grade. The Final Presentation represents 5% of the overall course grade. Final Assessment Scenario


You are a training specialist, one of many within your company. You have been asked to design


a training module for managers on how to meet the learning needs of their departmental


employees. If chosen as the training module for the company, you will be granted a substantial


bonus and a raise. You are to base your paper on what you have learned about ?LEARNING?


and the Steps included in the assignment prompt. Below are the parameters for the scenario:


Use principles from the following areas of learning psychology. Behaviorism Cognitivism Constructivism Humanism You will be training managers about the importance of understanding their


employees? learning styles and needs. Productivity Learning


Needs Here are the employees you will be training: Jane


Director of Web Development.


Jane is an African American female who is 41 years of age. She has been with the company for


16 years. She has seen many a manager, as well as work policies, come and so she can be very


apprehensive to change. She is excellent at spelling but forgets names. She dresses very


professional and takes her job very serious. In her presentations she tends to use charts and


graphs to explain to her employees what she wants to accomplish. She has very positive-efficacy


about her job ability. She loves to read and spends many hours researching best practices in her


field. John


Director of Organizational Development and Management Revitalization. John is a 23 year old Asian American and the lead developer of research for X company. He is


well-acquainted with providing clients with superior leadership during critical transition phases,


including hiring professional and technical staff, implementing budget reductions, writing


business plans, and installing effective management information systems. However, he has a


tendency to be considered a ?slacker?, by some, since he wears his ipod all day while working.


He tends to always be moving around and is a ?do-er?. He loves to get involved with a group,


but he can get very bored if the group is not actively moving forward. Being with the company


only 3 years, John is still proving himself and can often be viewed as a ?brown-noser? to others.


He has positive-efficacy overall but does lack efficacy within his job based on how he believes


others view his abilities. Jody


Director of Communications and Public Relations. Jody is a 37 year old Caucasian single mother of three. She has been with the company for 10


years. She is very good at explaining herself verbally and appears to be very comfortable with


communications in a group. Her after-work hobbies include active involvement in the


Community Theatre and taking care of her children. With her busy schedule, Jody does not enjoy


reading and prefers to listen to audio tapes and watch videos of the information she is learning. Jimmy


Director of Safety Management Jimmy demands logic, sequential, analytical, rational and objective ways of thinking, and is


detail oriented which is often frustrating to others. He is 37 years old and just recently took a step down due to his health. He is having a few minor problems adjusting to this change but is overall


a very positive employee. He is very intelligent but has low-self-efficacy and tends toward


helplessness. It has been a rough year for Jimmy. He has difficulty verbalizing hos thoughts but


is excellent at organizing and developing ways to complete a job. Jaqez


Director of International Sales & Marketing Jaqez is creative but not detailed. She thinks out of the box and seems to have no problems


learning in any way. She is a 41 year old African American female who has been the leading


consultant in marketing and new business development for both CDE's national and international


markets. With over 20 years of experience in international product sales, and applying a strong


expertise in data-driven, long-term strategic planning, she is very experienced and self-taught.


Previous to this, Jaquez held various positions as Director of International Sales & Marketing,


Manager of Business Development, and Trade Sales Manager for trade companies in Southeast




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