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(solution) Read the material on Myers-Briggs pshychological types listed

Read the material on Myers-Briggs pshychological types listed below. Then take the online Myers-Briggs psychological type test athe following site: Once you have taken the test, press thehot button that allos you to learn more about your type. a. What is your psychological type? b. How do you think your specific type affects your behavior in the workplace? c. Write down the psychological type of someone whose type is completely opposite of yours (e.g., ESTP is the opposite of INFJ). Using Myers-Briggs concepts, describe how the relationship between teh two of you could be uncomfortable. Describe also how you might be able to complement each other. Katherine Briggs, working with her daughter, Isabel Myers, modified Jung's construct and converted it into an examination that enables people to identify their psychological "type." Extravert vs. Introvert (how people are energized), Sensing vs. Intuitive (The kind of information people pay attention to), Thinking vs. feeling (how people make decisions), Judging vs. Perceiving (how people draw conclusions and organize their world). Extravert vs. Introvert - - The extravert-introvert dimension exams how people react to their environment. - Extraverts are strongly focused on their environment, much of their energy is derived from interacting with it. - Introverts are inner-directed. The external environment is a distraction. Sensing vs. intuition - - The sensing-intuition dimension examines how people gather information. - Sensing types depend heavily on their senses, They focus on the facts. - Intuitive tyupes are interested in teh possibilites. They tend to be "Big Picture" people, seeing connections, underlying meaning, and implications. Thinking vs. feeling - - The thinking-feeling dimension examines how people process the information they receive to make decisions. - Thinking types process it in a systematic, logical fashion. They are particularly concerned with consistency. - Feeling types process it based on how they feel about it, and how other might be afected. Judging vs. Perceiving - - The perceiving-Judging dimension looks at how people derive conclusions about the information they have. - Judging types are impatient with loose-ends. They prefer to bring things closer quickly. - Perceiving types prefer to withhold judgements until they have more information, and to leave their options open. Myers-Briggs psychological types become a powerful diagnostic tool for managers when the four types dimensions are brought together for individuals. Different combinations of types are assocaiated with different personalities. For examples: ENTPs (extraverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving) types are classic entrepreneurs. They scan teh environment for oppertunities, are concerned with how things might be, make decisions rationally, and are flexible - they can take a hit and survive. ISTJs - (Introverted, sensing, thinking, judging) types are classic administrators. They tend to be inner directed, focused on facts, cooly logical, and are able to come to decisions readily.


In my work place I can influence others since I have high convincing power I can influence many of my


work mates to follow what I perceive to be right. I will be assisting many of my workmates...


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