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(solution) Winter2011_CIS111_Quiz2 True/False Indicate whether the statement

Winter2011_CIS111_Quiz2 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Views cannot be used to examine table data. ____ 2. One advantage of a view is that different users can view the same data in different ways. ____ 3. Information about tables in the database is kept in the system catalog. ____ 4. A stored procedure is placed on a client computer. ____ 5. A table that is in first normal form is better than one that is in second normal form. ____ 6. In general, when converting a non-first normal form table to first normal form, the primary key will usually include the original primary key concatenated with the key to the repeating group. ____ 7. The most recent definition of third normal form is referred to as the Boyce-Codd normal form. ____ 8. The primary key in a table will be a determinant. ____ 9. Converting to third normal form always avoids the problems related to dependencies. ____ 10. The normalization process used to convert a relation or collection of relations to an equivalent collection of third normal form tables is a crucial part of the database design process. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 11. The ____ statement will take away user privileges to the database. a. SELECT c. DEL b. INDEX d. REVOKE ____ 12. Which of the following statement fragments will only allow a CreditLimit of $5,000, $7,500, or $15,000? a. (CreditLimit IN (5000, 7500, 15000)) b. CHECK ((5000, 7500, 15000)) c. CHECK (CreditLimit LIKE (5000, 7500, 15000)) d. CHECK (CreditLimit IN (5000, 7500, 15000)) ____ 13. In SQL, you use the CHECK clause to enforce ____ integrity. a. referential c. entity b. legal-values d. catalog ____ 14. To insert a new field in a table, the ____ keyword should be used with the ALTER TABLE command. a. INSERT c. INCLUDE b. ADD d. ALTER ____ 15. If you anticipate running a particular query often, you can improve overall performance by saving the query in a special file called a(n) ____. a. index c. trigger b. stored procedure d. view ____ 16. A(n) ____ is a computer that is connected to a network and has access through the server to the database. a. client c. index b. view d. trigger ____ 17. Potential problems in the design of a relational database are known as ____. a. update anomalies c. modification anomalies b. select anomalies d. relational anomalies ____ 18. The definition for ____ also defines a candidate key. a. functional key c. primary key b. repeating group d. nonkey column ____ 19. A table is in first normal form if it does not contain ____. a. repeating groups c. a primary key b. a foreign key d. alternate keys ____ 20. Partial dependencies are dependencies on only a portion of the ____. a. nonkey column c. primary key b. first column or attribute d. index Completion Complete each statement. 21. The field or combination of fields on which an index is built is called the ____________________ key. 22. A(n) ____________________ index is an index with more than one key field. 23. The type of field for which you should never allow nulls is the ____________________. 24. In Access, you can restrict the legal values accepted by a field by entering an appropriate ____________________ that data entered in the field must follow. 25. The semicolon at the end of a MySQL command is called a(n) ____________________. 26. Second normal form represents an improvement over ____________________ normal form. 27. Any column or collection of columns that determines another column is called a(n) ____________________. 28. By converting a given collection of tables to an equivalent third normal form collection of tables, you remove any problems arising from ____________________ dependencies. 29. In a table with columns A, B, and C, there is a(n) ____________________ dependence of column B on column A if each value for A is associated with a specific collection of values for B and, further, this collection is independent of any values for C. 30. A(n) ____________________ is a condition that involves two or more relations


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