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(solution) can someone look through my essay and help me make any change

can someone look through my essay and help me make any change that are necessary to make it sound better

Trying to start a degree plan may be difficult for any students that are undecided on


what to major in his future education. At some point, it can become very confusing knowing the


various paths one can take and that are available to us. An Associate of Science in General


Studies will assist any student in making the right choice in selecting any major they choose.


This degree is relatively easy, and it can be transferable to various majors that a student may


choose. The degree plan takes the student through the courses that will give him or her the


needed knowledge to make the right choices when selecting the desired major. I believe that an


Associate of Sciences in General Studies is suitable for the undecided student and that are


looking for the right majors for them.


My desire to continue to complete my Associate?s Degree is due to the Military career


that I currently have; it will make me more competitive with my peers. I chose this degree


program since I have confidence in that it has the abilities to open me up to different majors


that will be well-suited with the knowledge I may gain with the courses I am currently taking. I


also chose this degree because, I have not done any school in a long time, so by me starting this


Degree plan, which is relatively easy, it will help me to get into a study routine that will aid me


to focus on what I am doing or writing. When I am ready, I would like to make the right decision


in selecting the Major that I believe will go with my needs and desires and not one that I might


hate or not use in my future. I am still undecided on what major to go into, but I do know that


upon completing this Associates degree I will have a better understanding of the course that


may be required for any major I decide to choose. I believe that this degree is the start point or


first step for any student that is still undecided on what exactly to pursue, just like me. As my decision to initiate the degree program, it is because I have high hopes that it will


be please me once I have completed my degree. I expect it to create a major foundation where I


will be able to practice in my future to aid me in achieving my goals. By learning this particular


program, I want to have necessary the knowledge that will help me to choose the right path


when selecting the majors that are intended to encourage me with the academic experience


that I need for my future career. I want it to allow me the chance to enjoy what I am learning


and at the same time to allow me to have a better understanding of different major that may be


better for me. Currently, I am not in a hurry on choosing any particular major; I do know


undertaking this degree plan my decision on choosing my future major will be a lot easier, due


to the fact that this program I am allowed to focus on the required course that I need to finish


first. Thus, I can concentrate on the core courses for the major I may choose later in the future.


My decision in to start an Associate of Science in General Studies was to uncover my


abilities and interests in the majors that I will be using in my future career plans. I believe it will


aid me to change and reshape my plans on continuing my education. I think this particular


degree program will decrease the abundance of efforts that are required in a workplace of our


choosing later in our life?s, as I well am in a career of my choice where I know that my decision


was upon of my abilities and skill I have gained. At the same time, I will be a lot easier for me to


make any professional improvements and be able to use my abilities to the best of my


knowledge. My degree plan is on a self-pace program, so I may take me as much time and effort


that I need for me to understand and know what I am doing. Therefore I will use my time wisely


and efficiently so I can get the result that I desire and be satisfied with it later in my career and


life. I know that my degree that I have chosen will give me what I need to be able and make


the right choice on any major. I am confident of having no regrets of choosing this degree


program, and I will be content knowing that it will greatly assist me in the near future. I am


happy that the time I put into completing my degree will bring more knowledge to my future




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