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(solution) Hello, I need help with answering questions. The class is HUM 100

Hello, I need help with answering questions. The class is HUM 100 

The years between 1000 and 1350 are generally known in European history as the


a. Age of Exploration. b. High Middle Ages. c. Renaissance. d. Enlightenment. Q2. The initial expressed purpose of the Crusades was to


a. gain control over trade routes. b. recover the Holy Land. c. convert the Muslim world to Christianity. d. expand European power in the Middle East. Q3. Early Christian thinkers were attracted to the ideas of Plato because of Plato's belief




a. the soul was immortal. b. government's effects are negative. c. the Hebrew prophets were correct. d. the body was pure. Q4. In the long run, the Crusades proved


a. a great success. b. a qualified success. c. an enormous failure. d. the superiority of European military power. Q5. Medieval philosophy represents a series of attempts to reconcile


a. church and state. b. man and God. c. faith and reason. d. body and soul. Q6. Artistic growth in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries gave rise to the ______________


style in art and architecture.


a. Romanesque b. Germanic c. Gothic d. neoclassical Q7. In his writings, Marco Polo describes the legendary Chingis-Khan (Ghengis Khan) as




a. ignorant man. b. man of great integrity, wisdom, and valor. c. man totally dependent on his advisors. d. tyrant. Q8. In "Letter from Mongolia," Friar William of Rubruck describes his attempt to


______________ Mangu, the Great Khan. a. do battle with b. win trades routes from c. explain the Catholic faith to d. marry the daughter of Q9. Like learning, art in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh centuries was centered in the


a. town and village. b. court and monastery. c. pilgrimage and Crusades. d. home. Q10. The Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas believed that


a. one could prove the eternity of the universe by reason. b. one could prove the creation of the universe by reason. c. reason alone could not prove either the eternity of or the creation of the universe. d. faith alone is sufficient to understand eternity and creation. Q11. The romance was


a. a long narrative poem. b. a short play. c. an instrumental musical piece. d. the dominant literary form in medieval France. Q12. Writing in England at the end of the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer composed the


narrative poem


a. The Canterbury Tales. b. The Troubadour Songs. c. the Divine Comedy. d. The Salisbury Chronicles. Q13. Which statement best describes Dante's political philosophy?


a. The pope, as God's regent, should exercise ultimate political power. b. Because a free society was necessary to the life of ideas, democracy was the ideal form of government.


c. A strong monarch was necessary to prevent disorder and to limit the power of the Church. d. The republic, as embodied by Rome, was the ideal form of government. Q14. Poet-composers who worked and entertained in the courts of southern France were




a. proven?als. b. barforms. c. troubadours. d. matadors. Q15. In comparison to the French poets of courtly love, the Italian poets tended to


emphasize the a. nobility of the beloved and redemptive power of love. b. beauty and sensuality of love. c. forbidden nature of love and the high rank of the beloved. d. pain and suffering that resulted from unrequited love. Q16. Like many Gothic cathedrals, the cathedral of Notre Dame at Chartres paid homage to


a. Jesus Christ. b. the Virgin Mary. c. Pierre Chartres. d. Saint Denis. Q17. Minnedienst was a code of conduct centered on


a. loyalty to the monarch. b. fealty to courtly love. c. the effort to imitate Christ. d. rejection of all material things and pleasures. Q18. __________________ music is music sung or played in more than one part.


a. Diphonic b. Monophonic c. Mulitphonic d. Polyphonic Q19. The law of Dante's hell is the law of


a. the jungle. b. the excluded middle. c. inverse punishment. d. symbolic retribution. Q20. The eleventh and twelfth centuries in Europe were characterized by


a. a general humanizing trend in religion. b. a renewal of a strictly imposed code of religious discipline. c. a new secular consciousness. d. all of the above. Q21. African culture tends to view time in a way that stresses the importance of


a. the past. b. the present. c. the future. d. timelessness. Q22. In the nineteenth century, Europeans considered Africans not "noble savages," but


"______________ savages."


a. brave b. evil c. ignorant d. primitive Q23. The importance of the Neolithic Revolution to human history lies in the


a. creation of stable food supplies, leading to population growth. b. development of cities and the specialization of occupations. c. flowering of art and literature. d. establishment of a standing army, leading to warfare and the building of empires. Q24. In Willem Bosman's "New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea," the rulers


of Guinea treated the poor


a. with a sense of humor. b. harshly. c. charitably. d. with indifference. Q25. The ancient empire of Ghana was based on trade in


a. slaves with Europeans. b. slaves with Muslims. c. gold with Europeans. d. gold with Muslims. Q26. Stone Age groupings were characterized by


a. hunting and gathering economies. b. small, settled farms. c. small towns ruled by local elites. d. early forms of monarchy. Q27. Contact with Muslim merchants greatly influenced the ancient empire of Ghana with


respect to


a. clothing styles. b. food preparation. c. marriage customs. d. techniques of trade and administration. Q28. African culture tends to view time in a way that stresses the importance of


a. the past. (circularity) b. the present. c. the future. d. punctuality. Q29. ________________ played a key role in sponsoring Portugal's exploration of Africa.


a. Prince John b. Prince Henry c. Prince Philip d. Prince William Q30. In contrast to the patterns of most Western societies, in Africa ______________


dominated agricultural production.


a. men b. women c. priests d. traders Q31. Yoruba masqueraders, who sing "iwi" poems such as "Children," serve as


a. fertility symbols. b. links between the living and the dead. c. love objects. Q32. There are more than ______________ African languages, representing four major


language families.


a. 100 b. 1,000 c. 2,500 d. 5,000 Q33. In the Yoruba myth of creation, Obatala forbids his worshippers to drink


a. goat?s milk. b. Bantu water. c. spring water. d. palm wine. Q34. Which ancient African language had a written tradition that has not yet been




a. Swahili b. Meroitic c. Hausa d. Ge?ez Q35. In the epic Sundiata, Sogolon Djata crawls on all fours until at the age of seven he


stands for the first time with the help of


a. baobab leaves. b. an iron rod. c. a bow. d. a bolt of lightning. Q36. Hausa is a linguistic term describing the peoples of _______________ who speak Hausa as


their first language.


a. South Africa b. West Africa c. East Africa d. North Africa Q37. The religion of the Hausa of northern and southern Nigeria is a. tribal. b. Islam. c. Christianity. d. Judaism. Q38. A very important feature of African religions is belief in the spiritual vitality of the


natural world, known as


a. voodoo. b. animism. c. transubstantiation. d. teleology. Q39. The Yoruba reside primarily in southwestern Nigeria and


a. the Congo. b. the republic of Benin. c. the Ivory Coast. d. Liberia. Q40. In the Darasa myth on the origin of death, humans choose death in exchange for


a. wealth. b. free will. c. fire. d. reason.


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