(solution) * Describe two of the pathological tendencies of the mind and

(solution) * Describe two of the pathological tendencies of the mind and

* Describe two of the pathological tendencies of the mind and elaborate on ways that you can seek to challenge and correct those tendencies in your own thinking. (75 words)

1) Identify a problem in society, your own life, in the life of someone you know, or in the life of someone you have read about. Analyze aspects of the problem and present a solution to this problem from your own perspective. Use the concepts from the chapters to guide your analysis. You can also talk about irrational problem solving that has already occurred in relation to the problem that you identify. ( 75 words)

2)In your opinion, was the Quasi-War, the Barbary War, or the War of 1812 the more dangerous conflict for the new American nation? (75 words)

3) Why is Andrew Jackson’s election considered a victory for the common man? Why do you think Jackson had popular appeal? (75 words)

4)Identify the innovator from 1815-1860 you feel had the most significant impact on American culture and expansion, including which innovation(s) and why. (200 words) APA format

5)Defend which reform movement you feel was most successful in this antebellum America; identify significant writings, leaders, methods, and obstacles faced when working towards this goal. (200 words) APA format 

6) Take the perspective of an American citizen in 1837, and identify yourself: location, age, and occupation. Assuming this role with no future knowledge, describe your view of Andrew Jackson. Provide an opinion on at least three distinct issues that took place during his administrations (1829-1837).

Your response must be at least 500 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.