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(solution) Subject: Interpersonal Communication | COM 110 Question 1 of 25

Subject: Interpersonal Communication | COM 110 Question 1 of 25 In the relationship REPAIR wheel, the "P" stands for Propose possible solutions Process conflict Problem Protract affirmations Question 2 of 25 Ludus love consists of extreme highs and extreme lows. True False Question 3 of 25 When people cut the bonds that tie individuals together, they are involved in a deteriorating relationship. True False Question 4 of 25 As a relationship dissolves, individuals move from a very private experience to one that gradually includes more people. True False Question 5 of 25 According to relational dialectics theory, all relationships can be defined by pairs of competing opposite desires. True False Question 6 of 25 Relationships almost always move in one direction through the five stages. True False Question 7 of 25 Family relationship partners have defined roles. True False Question 8 of 25 The first phase of repair is intrapersonal repair. True False Question 9 of 25 When a sense of mutuality and being connected develops, people are at which stage of a relationship? Dissolution Intimacy Deterioration Contact Involvement Question 10 of 25 When a person says something like, "Couldn't we discuss this and work something out?" she/he is sending which kind of message? Contact Closeness Repair Dissolution Distancing Question 11 of 25 At which phase do individuals begin to share their dissatisfaction and decision to leave with others? Dissolution Contact Deterioration Closeness Repair Question 12 of 25 Which of the following statements is an example of what might be said during the involvement stage of a relationship? You never listen to me. May I join you? I love you. I'd like to take you to the play we discussed. Question 13 of 25 How does movement among the stages of a relationship work? There is only forward progression through the stages. Each stage offers the opportunity to exit the relationship. If a relationship does not keep moving through the stages, it dies. Only the deterioration stage offers an exit to the relationship. Question 14 of 25 If a relationship does end, which of the following would NOT be a good idea? Bolster self-esteem. Avoid sad passivity. Seek support. Look for someone just like the person in the relationship which ended. Question 15 of 25 All the following are characteristic of interpersonal repair EXCEPT beginning to view the future negatively. talking about changes you want within the relationship. talking about the problems in the relationship. negotiating new agreements and new behaviors. Question 16 of 25 When defining family one must take into account the many cultural trends that are occurring at the time true false Question 17 of 25 Online relationships have which of the following advantages? They can substitute for face-to-face relationships. You can present a false self. There is little or no nonverbal channel. Physical appearance does not outweigh a person's inner qualities. Question 18 of 25 Strategies people use to make others like them are affinity-seeking. justification. reciprocity. positive tone. Question 19 of 25 A self-giving love is agape. mania. eros. storge. Question 20 of 25 Using other people to help you solve your problems is generally ineffective. a manipulative strategy. mentoring. networking. Question 21 of 25 The advantages of interpersonal relationships include all of the following EXCEPT that they stimulate you. help you learn about yourself. generally enhance self-esteem. expose vulnerabilities. Question 22 of 25 Interpersonal relationships create disadvantages because they generally enhance your self-esteem. help you learn about yourself. make great demands of your time. stimulate you. Question 23 of 25 During social bonding in interpersonal commitment, the commitment is made public. fair. solid. privately. Question 24 of 25 A stage in some relationships that involves recognizing problems and engaging in productive conflict resolution. interpersonal contact involvement intimacy interpersonal repair Question 25 of 25 Which of the following messages indicates a desire to begin dissolution in the relationship? I'm eager to get together again soon. Look, it's not working out. Hi, haven't we met before? I think we should spend some time apart to see how we really feel about each other. I'm sorry I was so stubborn.


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