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(solution) Hi these are the details for my project, thank You. Please let me

Hi these are the details for my project, thank You. Please let me know if you can follow this or not:

International Finance Project

Each student selects one (or two) foreign country and its currency to work on the project.(Ideally pick one key currency and one less popular currency. Less developed countries andregions, mostly in Asian, African, South American, and eastern European countries mayhave more or unique business and investment opportunities. It will be interesting andrewarding to know their currencies, economies, financial markets and businessenvironment).

You have to indicate information sources for each part of the project.Part I (six questions corresponding to six chapters):

1. Country and economy overview (macro level)

1) Choose country or region of your interest (other than US). Provide basic informationabout its economy. For example, level of economic development, industry sectors,comparative advantage and international trade, status of globalization (membership ofworld organization, Fortune 500 company presence). Please be brief (less than onepage)

2) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) regularly publishes its assessment of theprospects for the world economy. Use the IMF's current analysis to form your ownexpectations of the immediate economic prospects of the country/region of your interest.(IMF regional reports and Country Reports

2. Business basics (micro level). This can be descriptive/ anecdotal or quantitative/analytical.

1) Which theory/model about goal of business prevails in your countries? (SWM model orSCM, or mixed?).

2) What is the basic corporate ownership and governance structure (public vs private, family,private or state owned, role of union and financial institutions, and so on).

3. Monetary system

1) Major currency events in your countries.For example, on July 21, 2005, the Chinese government and the People's Bank of Chinaofficially changed the value of the Chinese yuan (or renminbi, RMB) and also changedthe regime - from fixed rate (pegged to US dollar) to basket of currencies peg. BBC -basket, band, and crawl.

2) Exchange rate regime, for example fixed vs. floating, or more detailed classification.

4. Balance of Payment

1) BOP numbers. Find the most recent two year BOP statistics on:a) Current Account: goods import/export, service import/export,b) Financial Account: direct investment, portfolio investment, other investment,c) Official Reserves.

2) The top three international trade partner (both import and export). 3) The top three goods/services to be imported and exported.

5. Financial Crisis (This can be descriptive/ anecdotal or quantitative/analytical.How did the global financial crisis of 2008 affect the economic and financial markets of yourcountry or region? How did the currency be affected?

6. Financial Markets

1) Basic currency information - official name, abbreviation, symbol, countries /regions usethe currency, and so on.

2) Exchange rate to US dollar at three time points - the beginning of year 2013, 2014, and2015.3) Indicate the trends of exchange rate (which currency appreciated or depreciated in twotime periods, from 2013 to 2014 and from 2014 to 2015, - pay attention to direct quote vsindirect quote).


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