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(solution) Module 1 - Making a Case Strategic Review The purpose of a Case

I have a question in Organizational Diagnosis Model.  I have attached the previous SLP to help with the answer.  Thank you.

Module 1 - Making a Case


Strategic Review


The purpose of a Case is to show that you have thought critically about the subject matter that you are


learning and to make an argument for a Claim about the specific situation in the Case Assignment.


Toulmin has developed an Argument Methodology that is very useful in Making a Case.


There are three Primary Elements in an Argument: the Claim, the Grounds, and the Warrant.


The Claim is what you are trying to get people to accept. The Grounds are the evidence and all the


information and data that you have to show why the claim should be accepted. The Warrant is the


underlying assumption or premise that is the general basis of the situation.


The Claim can be a statement about a belief that you want people to accept and believe in themselves, or


it can be an action that you want people to do, such as buy a specific product, go somewhere, or some


other action.


The Grounds can be information and data that you obtain from different sources, such as research from


the written references, interviews, discussions, personal observation, content from other media such as


TV and radio. It can also be from calculations you have done using data from some source. The more


evidence that you have, and the more readily acceptable the source of the data and information is, the


better the argument and the easier it will be to Make a Case.


The Warrant is the underlying general premise that is usually self-evident and that most people will agree


on (but not always).


An Example of Making a Case.


The organization we are studying for the Cases in this course is the Excellent Consulting Group (XCG),


which is a small publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. (Not really, it is fictitious.) The XCG


provides fasteners and other hardware devices to the construction and home improvement markets in the


Midwest region of the United States. This company has some specific issues which I will discuss in some


detail below. Given the set of OD models from Falletta, which includes the most popular and useful,


one of these models will be useful in analyzing the OD situation of XCG (this is the Warrant). The


model that I think is the best for analyzing XCG is Tichy?s TPC Framework model (this is the


Claim). According to Faletta (1999), in this model all of the variables are interrelated and includes the


environment as a variable and considers inputs, throughputs, and outputs. And other research has found


that others in the realm of OD (Ref1, Ref2) say that the XCG model provides a strong approach for


analyzing relationships among leadership and strategy, financial decisions and operational issues. Based


on research of XCG, I have found that it has three issues which would benefit from some changes via OD


analysis. Issue 1 is that XCG seems to have no real corporate strategy as it appears to be drifting from


market to market (Ref3). Issue 2 centers on the investments XCG has made recently in its manufacturing


facilities and equipment. Is there any alignment with any sort of strategy? (Ref. 3) And Issue 3 focuses on


the fact that XCG has developed some quality issues around its Plasti-brak product line (Ref.4). Based on


my analysis above, the evidence indicates that the TPC model is particularly strong with issues of


strategy, financial investment, and operations (quality issues). Therefore the model should do well in


determining how these issues interact with each other at XCG, and point the way to some possible


solutions. Based on the evidence about the TPC model and the issues of XCG, the TPC model will


provide a good OD analysis for XCG.




Falletta (1999). Organizational Diagnostic Models: A Review & Synthesis. Ref1?.








[End of Example]


NOTE: in this example you see the highlighted colored sentences that are the Warrant and the Claim.


The rest of the paragraph provides the Grounds, the evidence and data that substantiates the claim. You


see that this evidence comes from the research of the information provided by the references and the


analysis of the strengths of the model. Also, note the logic making the connection between the model and


the issues.


More about Argument Methodology


Here are a few websites with more information about Toulmin's Argument Methodology. Retrieved on 8/24/11 Retrieved on 8/24/11


Note that there are additional elements of an argument such as the Backing, the Qualifier and the


Rebuttal. The Backing provides some evidence about the Warrant and hence backs it up. The Qualifier


provides some possible conditions where the Claim may not hold. The Rebuttal provides evidence and


information about the opposite view of the claim. Using these additional elements strengthens the


argument and shows additional Critical Thinking.


When doing the assignments for the Case (and also the SLP), remember that you should demonstrate


good Critical Thinking: Precision, Breadth, Depth, and Clarity. You also need to use good grammar and


spelling and appropriate referencing. Privacy Policy | Contact


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