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(solution) Further Instructions on LAWC215 Consultancy Report and

Further Instructions on LAWC215 Consultancy Report and Presentation


? Assume your client knows nothing about Qatar or its laws. The report is designed to give the client some of the most essential information they require in order to set up their particular business in Qatar

You are answering the simple question:

What do I need to know about setting up my business in Qatar?

? The following list of issues is designed to get you thinking. If you use the below list of issues -and nothing else, your group cannot be awarded full marks.

o Information about the Qatar legal system

o Information about how Qatari law regulates commercial activity in Qatar

o The different types of commercial organizations that can be registered

o Any particular regulations that might apply to their industry

o etc

? Your report can also cover social or cultural issues that might influence the commercial activity of your client.


? The idea behind the presentation is that you are presenting the key points of your report to the client

? Repeating exactly what the report says (word for word) will not allow your group to achieve full marks.

? The presentation should be no longer than 4 Minutes. If the presentation is over 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the group will lose marks.

? The presentation should be clear and informative.

? You can use PowerPoint, video clips or any other aids that you believe necessary.

My client is in the Health and fitness industry and they


would like to open up 24 hours Gym in Doha. There is some


laws and rules to allow them open in Qatar and not be


disorderly or breaking any rule as well to avoid any bad


circumstances and stay away from all punishments.


- Should be registered with the Ministry of Economy and


Commerce, stated the name of the Gym, how much your capital,


whose your shareholders, type of the trade.


- The name of the Gym can?t be identical to another one or be used


by another merchant.


- You will be classified as a merchant even if you are providing an


intangible goods which is (services to your customers)


- It is not allowed to open anything in Qatar if the owner is not


Qatari unless he got a partnership with Qatari person.


- Minimum share for partnership is 51% for Qatari and maximum


for non-Qatari is 49%.


- You should have the machinery stuff or goods that are related to


what type of shop you are registered.


- You have to be carful with the cleanness of the Gym.


- About the workers, they are allowed to work for no more than 8


hours continuously and 48 hours per week.


- If an employee worked for more than 8 hours, it considered to be


extra time and will take no less than 25% of his salary additional.


- An employee who works from (9pm ? 3am) will take his original


salary plus no less than 50% of his salary except shift workers.


- It is not allowed for the workers to use the workplace as


accommodation, the accommodation should be separate from the


workplace. Baladya states this rule.


- Each worker should get 1 day off.


- As Qatar labor law article 46 stated: a yearly 3 official vacations


will be awarded for the workers:


1) First Eid? 3 days


2) Second Eid? 3 days


3) Qatar National day? 1 day


- In article 5, stated that it is not allowed to hire children less than


fifteen years in any type of work. It does not allow them to enter


the workplace.


- Article 12 stated that it is not allowed to hire non-Qatari unless if


they have license to work unless if persons work in small shops


that do not run mechanical machines and are typically used by less


than six workers. A) The non-Qatari should:


(1) Own his real passport


(2) Get a residence permit.


(3) Be a good conduct.


(B) Two-year period of validity of the license when it is got for the


first time and may be renewed within the limits of the authorized


duration of stay.


- Article 14 stated that the license could be cancelled if the worker


breached one of the conditions under which the license was granted on


the basis of or if the person doesn?t work for more than 3 months




- The employer shall be committed to pay the salaries on time.


- You can?t change the size of the building before getting permission


from Baladya. Refrences:






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