(solution) I paid 120 for this service to get help with 1 answer and it was

(solution) I paid 120 for this service to get help with 1 answer and it was

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boston red sox spring training decision case study


1)Using the center of gravity model,compute the center of gravity for the population of the county.Show all computations,explain and justify.Based solely on this criterion,where is the best stadium location?
2)Using a weighted scoring model of your own design,what are the summary scores for each stadium site for the qualitative criteria in Exhibit 9.8

Exhibit 9.8 Site Cost Estimates and Rankings for Boston Red Sox Spring Training Stadium Finalist
Site A Site B Site C Site D
Stadium land cost $18 million $22 million $0 million $22 million
Additional utility cost $1 million $0.5 million $3 million $0.5 million
New road coast $2million $0.5 million $15 million $2 million
Gain env. group Almost No No Yes
Traffic access Good Poor Poor Moderate
Utility,road env Ready Mostly ready not ready ready
and construction permits
ready to go(shortest permit time)

Long term economic growth and 4 3 4 5
development around site

Chance to preserve a huge area Moderate Low High Low
of the county

3)How will you combine these results(your center of gravity results,cost,and qualitative criteria analyses?How might you compute a summary score for each site using all three criteria?Explain and justify.

4)Research and explain at least three ways a sports stadium can go green including at least one work practice for stadium employees.Do jobs and processes have to change too?Explain the role of OM.

5)What is your final stadium recommendations?
Explain and justify

1. E and v ctr?ordinates of differt sites are shown below: _
? ?
? ? Site C
Site D 2.000
106 Calculate the center of gravitv for the population of that countrv using given formula: C…