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"The Government and Social Responsibility" Please respond to the following:


From the scenario, explain how government grants would influence the business?s operations. Be


sure to emphasize the taxes, social benefit, and price level for both substitute goods and current




Give your opinion on whether or not you support government-funded programs within the scope


of taxation and government spending. Be sure to include the influence on the business operation,


purchasing power, and income distribution in the economy.


In view the scenario it states that the idea is that they will increase employment through


providing opportunity?s to local population. The grant money from the government helps the


business provide more quantity for the same price or charge a lower price for the same quantity.


It is a benefit to the company and its consumers however the government gets the money from


taxing the population and business to be able to give the grants they have to get the money from


somewhere the scenario says the results could be counter effective on small and or large scales


depending on how the government obtains the funding. This would also effect the disposable


income if the taxes are increase the disposable income would decrease for the community. As the


scenario pointed out after the government deducts taxes they remaining funds are what is called


disposable income this is what will be reduced if taxes increase giving consumers less to spend.


Thus it will shift the demand curve to the left showing less quantity demanded due to consumers


demanding less.


I do support the government grants and funding program since it will help improve welfare.


There are some down falls however I still think there are more pros then cons. They do have to


find the money from some where and as we all know it usually comes from the taxes. I still think


it?s a great idea since its being used as a social benefit in the area in which the people being taxed


live in. "Social Security and Medicare" Please respond to the following:


From the e-Activity, list (1) each change that you selected to fix social security and (2) your


single overall deficit / surplus that was calculated as a result of those changes. Of your selected


changes, identify the change that you believe will play the greatest role in fixing social security


and explain why.


List of changes I selected for benefits reductions.


1. Accelerate by one year the currently scheduled increase to age 67: then index the


retirement age to maintain a constant ration of expected retirement years to work 20%


2. I said yes to reducing the cost of living 40%


3. I said no to reducing the benefits for future retirees 0%


4. I said yes to reduce benefits formula for the top half of earners. 43%


For revenue increases I selected the following


5. I said to raise the payroll tax from 6.2 to 6.7 48%


6. I said to gradually raise the annual earning?s cap now 106,800 to cover 90% of all wages


current cap covers about 83%of all wages use higher cap for calculating benefits 37%


7. I selected to tax benefits such as pension 14%


8. I selected to include new state and local government workers. 9%


It said I made 100% percent my selection would help allow SS pay dull benefits throughout the


retirement of most current workers keeping SS financially sound for our children and


grandchildren will require constant fine tuning if the adjustments are built into the system such


as automatic retirement age increases to keep up with longer lifespan future generations of


Americans may not have to play the SS Game.


What I think would be the greatest role in fixing social security would be raise the payroll tax


from 6.2 to 6.7 in playing the game this advised this would make a great impact. ?Raising payroll


taxes on workers and employers from 6.2% to 6.7% solves about 50% of the problem. Then


reducing benefits paid to the 50% of people who earn the most eliminates the rest of the shortfall,


the actuaries calculate. The difficulties with this solution are too numerous to list.? (Five Ways


to Fix Social Security before It Runs Dry) This may be a good starting point to help the issues.


Give your opinion on whether health care should be something that can be excluded from being


consumed. Additionally, take a position on whether or not the government should be responsible


for supplying health care in the economy. Provide a rationale for your answers.


I do not believe health care should be something that can be excluded from being consumed.


Health care is something you could never replace with a machine as we know healthcare is very


important for anyone and whether being used or not one day they will need it. Therefore I do


believe the government should be responsible for providing not just health care to everyone but


universal health care in countries such as Canada were universal health is provided ?anyone can get health care so this is a major advantage of this system. As long as the person is a resident of


Canada they will receive some level of health care. People that are unemployed, student,


disabled. Pensioners and so on can still get health care in Canada. This is usually the most talked


about pro to universal health care and why it?s promoted so heavily. There are programs that


work towards preventing injuries and teaching citizens about health issues. There?s more public


awareness about health risks and these programs are funded by the Government. These programs


are created to help reduce health care costs and to teach people how to take control of their health


before there are more serious problems. There are programs for seniors, those with disabilities,


awareness campaigns for back injuries, and so on. These programs help people in Canada stay


healthier because they get more education about health related issues.? (Pros and Cons of


Universal Health Care in Canada) No doctor bills, no hospital bills, no co-pays No one is excluded Excellent public health, preventative services, free mammograms, dietitians, diabetic


nurses and nurses for home visits for new mothers, the chronically ill and the elderly. Emergency transport by air or ambulance is provided for a minimal charge in BC of


about $60 or so. Low health premiums Supplemental policies are allowed for dental and other misc. items but by law can not


include any services provided by the basic provincial health plan Doctors may not collect fees from patients and also bill the Province for the same service. Doctors may opt out of the system. Very few unnecessary surgeries Doctors are paid to get you better!


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