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(solution) -I need help with responses to 2 fellow class mates discussion

-I need help with responses to 2 fellow class mates discussion posts. 

  1. -Each of the two response postings must:
  • Be ?on topic??
  • Utilize collegiate-level grammar and spelling?
  • Written using polite netiquette?
  • Be original, thoughtful and provocative
  • Show your analytical understanding of the topic
  • Contain evidence and examples to support your idea(s)
  • Contain at least 75 words.
  • They don't need to be to in depth, just on topic
  • - Thank you again for your help, I greatly appreciate.

*1st post:

11. Why do some people not care for the term tidal wave?

I have personally asked other people what they think when hearing the word tidal wave and they think of the term as either a pretty big wave, or a small one. Most don?t know or just use the term tidal wave without knowing what it really means or care to, but is never thought of as dangerous. I believe most refer tidal wave as something seen commonly at beaches and isn?t perceived as dangerous. A tidal wave is caused by correlating factors such as the sun, moon, and the earth causing shallow waters that produce a wave motion of the tides that normally ?burn out? at or near the shore line. When I watch the news about anything dangerous referring a series of large waves of water coming towards land, they use the term tsunami which by underwater earth quakes, volcanos, or other explosive disturbances underwater creates the energy necessary to produce the monstrous waves that have caused disasters worldwide. If the term ?tidal wave? was accompanied with ?tsunami?, then people will be more concerned. 

*2nd post:

  1. Do you have a fault near your hometown? If so what type of fault is it and how likely are earthquakes to occur on it?

            My hometown is Little Rock, Arkansas and there is the New Madrid Seismic Zone fault system, indicated to be a series of faults, located in the northeastern part of the state. The fault lines runs roughly 150 miles crossing five state lines and it crosses the Mississippi River a few times due to its zigzag pattern. The fault system is actually two types of faults, a strike-slip fault and a reverse fault. In Nancy Hendricks? New Madrid Fault article, 1811-1812 represented a time that was responsible for the ?most violent series of earthquakes? in our nation?s history. This fault zone is active, and it possesses one of the greatest earthquake risks in North America. It is presumed that these series of faults can cause up to 20 times greater damage than the faults on the West Coast. The seismic zone averages about 20 minor events per month, registering at least a 1.0 on the Richter scale. Scientists predict that another large earthquake, 6.5 or greater, is due which will impose great devastation to Arkansas and possibly half the nation.

                  Works Cited:

Hendricks, Nancy. ?New Madrid Fault.? The The Central Arkansas Library System, 2016. Web. 19 Jan. 2016.

- I hope this makes sense, I will keep an eye out if you have any questions, Thanks again!!!


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