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(solution) 5.0 Points Question 1 of 20 When clustering or _______, writers

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5.0 Points


Question 1 of 20


When clustering or _______, writers write an idea or a topic, usually one word, in the center of a piece of paper, then make associations and write them,


branching out from the center.


A. freewriting


B. focused freewriting


C. mapping


D. brainstorming Question 2 of 20


Two or more words that mean nearly the same thing are 5.0 Points A. synonyms.


B. opposites.


C. pronouns.


D. homonyms. Question 3 of 20


In a paragraph, each sentence should 5.0 Points A. contain at least a few grammatical errors.


B. never engage the readers? emotions.


C. always use transitional expressions.


D. be directly related to the topic sentence. 5.0 Points


Question 4 of 20


Rethinking and rewriting your first draft and then making whatever changes, additions, or corrections are necessary to improve the paragraph is called


A. reiterating.


B. responding.


C. revising.


D. reconstituting. Question 5 of 20


Ordering sentences in a paragraph through time is putting them in


A. space order. 5.0 Points B. order of importance.


C. time or chronological order.


D. recognizable order. Question 6 of 20


Every sentence must contain a subject and a 5.0 Points A. phrase.


B. verb.


C. noun.


D. preposition. Question 7 of 20


A topic sentence must be 5.0 Points A. topical.


B. some kind of idea.


C. a complete sentence.


D. the first or last sentence of a paragraph. Question 8 of 20


A paragraph _______ when the sentences are arranged in a clear, logical order and when the sentences are related like links in a chain. 5.0 Points A. proofreads


B. coheres


C. is arranged


D. is freely written Question 9 of 20


A topic sentence should have two parts?a topic and a


A. controlling idea.


B. body. 5.0 Points C. main thought.


D. phrase. Question 10 of 20


Most writers prewrite, write, and 5.0 Points A. plan the paper.


B. revise.


C. write the first draft.


D. jot down ideas. Question 11 of 20


Which of the following is not a common transitional expression related to time?


A. During


B. At last


C. As a result 5.0 Points D. Meanwhile Question 12 of 20


Words such as ?therefore,? ?however,? ?for example,? ?as a result,? and ?finally? are examples of 5.0 Points A. homonyms.


B. coherence.


C. transitional expressions.


D. consequences. Question 13 of 20


A private place where you record your experiences and your inner life is a


A. journal.


B. workshop.


C. brainstorm.


D. word spree. 5.0 Points 5.0 Points


One kind of verb, called a/an _______ verb, expresses the action that the subject is performing.


A. linking


B. helping


C. action


D. prepositional Question 15 of 20


The essence of freewriting is


A. benefiting from peer feedback.


B. brainstorming.


C. patience.


D. free association. 5.0 Points Question 16 of 20


Early in the prewriting phase, writers should give some serious thought to all of the following except their 5.0 Points A. subject.


B. audience.


C. purpose.


D. spelling. Question 17 of 20


When you write in second person, you?re acting the part of a/an 5.0 Points A. critic.


B. observer.


C. participant.


D. advocate. Question 18 of 20


?You,? ?yours,? and ?your? are _______ pronouns. 5.0 Points A. interrogatory


B. second-person


C. positive


D. first-person Question 19 of 20


Writing is a 5.0 Points A. magical ability that only a few are born with.


B. talent you either have or don?t.


C. process consisting of a number of steps.


D. skill that isn?t necessary for success. Question 20 of 20


The object of a preposition _______ the subject of a sentence. 5.0 Points A. is always


B. is rarely


C. is sometimes


D. cannot be


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