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(solution) Hi I need a brief respond to this paragraph. it doesn't have to

Hi I need a brief respond to this paragraph. it doesn't have to be long, 200 words should be enough.

Please, I need a website link for the cition like the one below.

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I'm not into politics but, but if i were to put my two cents into this topic targeting the lower taxes.


Middles/low income class will greatly benefit from lower taxes and invest into smaller business and


save so they can later employ those who are seeking jobs which then of course brings back more


economy to the government. There will also be more jobs available for everyone, because


companies or agencies that hire employees will create more jobs if they are honest about their


spending even though some corporate's such private sectors misuse the amount income they


receive for their own interest, or than the government does. it would be disadvantage for the


government/congress because they wont be able to spend insubstantial amount of money on


wars/military and other programs they say ?help? the poor which isn?t much of a progress. If the


public candidly willing to give their fair share for the public?s interests, then much taxes shouldn?t be


cut down and their checks should not be dissected. Middle/low income class worker gets paid at


minimum wage and some even work overtime just to earn a living, that shouldn?t be taken away


from them. The government should put the public interest before spending it carelessly on things


that don?t benefit us.


As much as $1.11 trillion have been spent in the last year alone which is referred to as


?discretionary spending? which is a portion of budget the congress agrees on annually and it a fixed


spending on the pentagon and military programs. Another spending is ?mandatory spending? which


is spent within less than a year on SSI and Medicare which isn?t so bad because they elderly citizens


benefit from it. Also spent on SNAP, which isn?t a good idea because this is a way of the government


incapacitating healthy individuals from working when they can, and that actually helps the economy


and no need to spend money on unnecessary things like SNAP. The total federal spending sums up


to $3.8 trillion when combined both spending?s mentioned above. If the government stopped


spending much on such things and lower taxes maybe everyone would be satisfied and encouraged


to work harder and invest therefore produce goods so the economy will be in its best shape, rather


than fluctuate every year and leave us empty handed.


Below are some great articles I find informative.


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