(solution) W5 Assignment "Final Project – Title Page, Outline, &

(solution) W5 Assignment "Final Project – Title Page, Outline, &

W5 Assignment “Final Project ? Title Page, Outline, & References Page”

Organizational Behavior

Final Project ? Title Page, Outline, & References Page

Develop the format and framework for your final project.  Your submission should be a single document which includes:

  • APA formatted Title Page
  • Outline summarizing the main topics and sub-topics of the final project (be sure to refer to the lecture from Week 1)
  • APA formatted References page

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations within your outline to support your ideas.

RUNNING HEAD: Final Project-Topic Selection Elliott S. Sanders
W1 Assignment: Final Project-Topic Selection
Grantham University 1 Final Project-Topic Selection 2
Organization: Children?s National Hospital (Washington DC)
My organization is one of the most reputed healthcare institutions in Washington DC that
has more than 300 beds. Children?s is the only exclusive provider of pediatric care in the
Washington, D.C., area and the only freestanding children?s hospital between Philadelphia,
Pittsburgh, Norfolk, and Atlanta.
Process: Creating a team for the independent project.
Just like every healthcare institution, CNMC is also facing market challenges like
tightening reimbursement guidelines, high ratio of uninsured population and escalating
operational costs. To encounter the challenges, the organization take steps to widen the market
share by launching several services that reach out to the new customers, especially targeting rural
areas. The most common challenge is the process of allocating human capital resources for the
rural projects, where the hired volunteers have to work with experienced physicians. In the
process, making the physicians and management to work along for a separate project is a
challenge because of resisting factors like the new team, field work, and lack of change
Recommendations: The OD intervention should focus on bonding team members based on
common identity. Few common steps are to improve the hiring process and look for candidates
that are comfortable for on-field projects. The new team formed should have an identity/brand,
so that employees should not resist being allocated in it. The effective orientation program will
also help in sorting out the efficient employees ready to volunteer for independent projects from
time to time. The common goal and team value will further help in creating a team that works
along with the primary objectives, without creating issues for management. Final Project-Topic Selection 3 Why you have chosen your organization;
I have chosen this organization because I myself belong to healthcare industry, and have
faced similar challenges at the time of new projects being introduced to us.
A diagnosis of why the change is needed;
The change is needed to perform smooth transformation, and successfully showcasing the
CSR of the organization, as the lack of strong team makes project fail in front of the public. It
damages the organization?s reputation and credibility.
Proposed organizational behavior concepts from the text that might apply as you work towards
an intervention.
Group dynamics, leadership, decision making skills, and trust building concepts should
apply in designing organizational development intervention for improving the team building